Monday, 31 October 2016



IMG_8987Our mooring at Rembrandt Gardens. It’s amazing to see the house’s around us here in Little Venice.They are a tad expensive with a four bedroom selling for just £11 million.

IMG_8989This is new since we last came here. It’s some sort of talking wall , but I haven’t a clue what it’s all about.

IMG_8990The skyline around Paddington is changing daily and we were surprised to see the buildings opposite the station exit gone.

IMG_8995We walked up onto the bridge over the canal and saw what was going on .Its a new Taylor Wimpey development and they say that this is Zone 1 living at its best. A collection of just 123 stunning apartments in the heart of Paddington, one of the most well-connected areas in London where cool bars, stylish restaurants and designer shopping are all within easy walking distance.

With one bedroom apartments costing £1 million and 3 bedroom apartments costing £2 million I think we will give it a miss.

IMG_9032This is a new sign outside of Paddington station . It was always 14 days moorings on the approach to Paddington basin ,but it seems Canal and River Trust have now included the approach as part of the basin and reduced the moorings to 7 days.

IMG_8994In your dreams Carolyn, I cant afford London prices like that. With a Tesco just around the corner that will do us just fine. We have Curly (Abbie) our number one Granddaughter coming up in the morning and I’m determined to take her to some of the Museums and to see some of the sights in London even though she would probably sooner hit the shops with her Nan ,which no doubt she will do as well.


                                                                                                             Happy Days

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