Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Through MK (Milton Keynes)


IMG_8681We pulled pins from our mooring at Grafton Regis at 07.45 and had ahead of us a cruise of about 6 hours to Fenny Stratford . Reaching Cosgrove and we were lucky to get a hand down the lock by a working party that were restoring the Buckingham arm. Its no doubt a thankless task , but they are working their way to re opening the arm .

IMG_8687Crossing over the Cosgrove Aqueduct and my fear of heights kicks in again. What is going on with me ?. I have been over here so many times and never had a problem before.

IMG_8691Then at Target Turn after passing through Bradwell we met up with our friend Gary on his Coal/Diesel boat Ascot. We had 12 bag’s of Excel coal from him at the very reasonable price . We haven’t seen Gary for sometime ,so it was good to have a good old natter. Yet again we always try and use the coal/diesel boats in the area we are travelling through, they are there all year round and are always there to help us out in the Winter months when the going gets a bit more difficult due to bad Weather and stoppages.

IMG_8694Cruising through Milton Keynes and we passed this new piece of Art that we haven’t seen before.

IMG_8696We then came across this new seat on the towpath. How brilliant is that ?.

IMG_8701At Simpson we passed this boat with one of the best bow fenders we have ever seen.

After a good and most enjoyable 6 hour cruise we managed to pick up a mooring before the lock. Not 2 minutes after mooring and Carolyn had her backpack on and was off up the shops. Hour’s later she returned with a backpack full of bargains…………………………. Well that’s what she told me !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. I understand the height fear, Gary, I have it too, but mine is clearly more longstanding than yours as mine started at about aged 11 when my brother held me out over the side of a bridge at low tide, 20 feet above the rocks and mud. My fear showed itself a few days ago in Cornwall when I could not bring myself to climb a cliff path - even though the ground sloped away rather than fell steeply,it was too scary to think about, let alone do!
    Is your new fear perhaps a function of slight loss of balance making you feel that you will fall? Worth thinking about getting it checked ...
    Cheers, M
    You still manage to take photos though so not all bad, mate!

    1. Hi Marilyn, It's exactly that a fear of falling. I will mention it when I have my next check up . PS Did you ever forgive your Brother ?.