Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Out and about


IMG_9016It must be a school holiday again as we now have our number one Granddaughter Curly (Abbie) up with us for a few days.

IMG_9044So it was a trip down to The Natural History Museum. With an opening time of 10.00 we got there on time only to find the biggest queue you have ever seen. We ended up going in a side door at the far side of the Museum, and it took us an hour to get in .

IMG_9047Once inside as you can imagine it was packed to the rafters with people which sometimes made it difficult to see everything and take it all in.

IMG_9049We decided that it’s another place we would have to come back to when it’s a bit quieter although Curly enjoyed what she saw.

IMG_9060After a couple of hours of fighting the crowds we made the decision to leave and have a look in The Victoria and Albert Museum. As you can see Curly was not that impressed with yet another Museum when Harrods with their massive toy section is just up the road.

IMG_9066I had to put this picture on as it’s Pizarro seizing the Inca.

IMG_9071I loved this picture and I’m sure I can find a place on the wall for it. It is an oil painting by Constable which portrays the construction of a barge at a dry-dock owned by his father. It is based on a tiny pencil drawing in a sketchbook at the V&A. Constable painted the landscape entirely in the open air.

IMG_9069Constable often made full-scale studies for large exhibition paintings. He used a broad painting style to establish the general balance of the composition and its colours. This study which Curly was most impressed with is for his most famous work, The Hay Wain, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1821. The painting is now in the National Gallery. The scene is near Flatford Mill.

IMG_9063The V&A has one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of jewellery in the world. Over 3,000 jewels tell the story of jewellery in Europe from ancient times to the present day. Needless to say both Carolyn and Curly were totally enthralled and we ended up spending over an hour in this section.

IMG_9065Unfortunately with Hamish back on the boat we didn’t have anywhere near enough time to fully explore the museum,so it’s another good excuse to come back here again the next time we are in London. In the end Curly enjoyed the V&A a lot more than the Natural History Museum ,so that was a good result.

IMG_9001I was a bit surprised to hear my name shouted out from the other side of the canal one afternoon . I soon realised that it was Marilyn (nb Waka Huia) who was trekking along the towpath with David and their two Grandsons.

IMG_9026They had booked Narrowboat Jessie for a couple on nights in Little Venice It was good to see them again and have a chat and a catch up.

Tomorrow we are going to jump on the 23 bus and head down to St Paul’s then head across the Millenium bridge to The Tate Modern Gallery .


                                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. Lovely info re the two museums, Gary. Will have to go there next time we are in London.
    While you are just seeing us in London, we have arrived back in NZ and are jetlagged, both wide awake now at 1.40am NZ time having had a sleep in the afternoon, soon after we arrived home!
    It was great to see you two too, albeit briefly. A longer catch up over red wine and chardonnay next time - that'll be good for you and me as we won't have to share. David is a muscato man, and as long as Carolyn drinks something else, we will all be fine!
    Cheers, Marilyn

  2. Hi , Sooner you than me doing that journey it must be a nightmare . The longest flight we had was 10 hours and I struggled with that. A longer catch up with wine sounds like a good idea !!! Enjoy the Summer while we shiver here .

  3. Fabulous pics of your museum trips there Gary. I especially liked Curly in the fountain and the one of you two together looking so alike.
    We queued for the Science Museum when we were there, then like you we couldn't manage to explore it all in one visit.
    How exciting for Marilyn to home in on you, I was amazed at the people and places they managed to visit during their trip, no wonder they were exhausted on arrival home!
    By the way I noticed your connection between 'Pizzaro' and the 'Inca' lol. ann nb oakfield

  4. Hi Ann, Yes we had a great time and what a good excuse to go back to London again .We would have done the Science museum as well but the queue for that was just unbelievable.. Tate modern next !!!