Thursday, 27 October 2016

London bound


IMG_8922We pulled pins at 07.15 from our mooring above Cowley lock and soon made the short hop down onto the services above the lock. We filled with water and emptied cassettes before dropping down the lock at 08.05. We now have a five and a half hour lock free cruise to our booked mooring at Rembrandt gardens in Little Venice , London.

IMG_8924This is one of the first times I have seen this on a lock. It’s pointing to where the cill is.

IMG_8940On our way in and passing Engineers Wharf there are always these small Gull’s sat on the posts outside the small marina.

IMG_8947Passing through Alperton and it was good to see these volunteers cleaning up the towpath.Although there are a few boats moored here it’s not somewhere we have ever stopped before and have always been put off by the beer cans ,beer bottles,litter and Graffiti.


IMG_8956We always love crossing the North circular and always stop to take a picture or two and to let number one ships dog Hamish stretch his legs . Today it was no different with the traffic in the left hand lane at a standstill ….Such a shame !!

IMG_8977After a most enjoyable cruise we arrived dead on time after five and a half hours cruising at Rembrandt gardens. As it was One thirty our mooring should have been empty and ready for us, but as you can see there was a boat on it. A call to Canal and River Trust and they said they would try and sort it. Luckily after an hour the boat moved and we got onto our mooring. Within ten minutes of mooring Carolyn said goodbye and was off to Paddington and then on the number 23 bus in to Oxford Street and Regents Street. No doubt I wont see much of her over the coming days.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. And maybe you won't see too much in your wallet either!! :-D

  2. Hi Sue , I don't worry so much when she says she is popping down th the big Primark on Oxford Street ,but today she is off down to Harrords . That's not so good !!!

  3. hi i notice when you are on a mooring your mooring lines are left very messy
    did I not teach you to cheese the loose end or furl in back on board ant

    1. Hi Ant, Of course you are right and leaving our ropes like that is not acceptable . In our defensive we were just on the services for a quick top up of water . But I will make sure it never happens again ...Ps I think it was Carolyn that left it like that Ha ha !!!

  4. You know how to make someone wish they were somewhere else -just had lunch at the Waterside Cafe two weeks ago. Wish we were still around the canals. Enjoy your great mooring spot, and so convenient to "retail therapy". Of course it is never a good idea to have a mess of mooring lines where you can trip on them; but then also it is not a good idea to post a picture of them on the internet . Aloha, Amos

  5. Hi Amos , Carolyn is in her element here and enjoys it far more than me .. Good job there's plenty of jobs to do on the boat, although I do have the occasional trip out .. I will make a point of sorting out those ropes even when on water points .....