Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sunk (not Inca)


IMG_8878We pulled ropes from rings at 07.55 and made the short hop over to the Tesco moorings at Rickmansworth. When ever a large supermarket is this close we always take advantage of it and do a big shop for heavy essentials (wine) .

IMG_8883At 09.15 and in beautiful sunshine we dropped down Stockers lock which is at the Southern end of the Rickmansworth pound.

IMG_8899All change at Copper mill lock. After filling with water below the lock we passed this new development which now seems to be finished. What we did notice here is that there seems to be a lot more water coming from under the new development than there used to be . Most of the flow used to come near the bridge and next to The Coy Carp pub.So after exiting the lock or water point you need to give it a bit of throttle to get through without being pushed onto the bank.


IMG_8901Not far from Copper mill lock and we passed this sad sight. Just hope that it was empty at the time..

IMG_8904There must be an airport around here somewhere as the sky is full of Helicopters……

IMG_8911and small aircraft. This one has it’s landing gear down and seemed to be descending through the sky.

IMG_8907At Black Jacks lock it was such a relief to see that the Croc still hasn’t got the rabbit.

IMG_8914We soon got to Denham deep lock which Carolyn just hates . She doesn't like walking across the gates when the lock is empty as it is a twelve foot drop to the bottom. I have offered to do the lock but she is also not happy to be twelve foot down in a lock on the boat. In the end we got through with no problems.

IMG_8919After a good cruise we picked up this mooring a couple of hundred yards above Cowley lock .We have moored here several times before and have watched the boat opposite slowly deteriorate over that time . How sad it is to see that it has now sunk, I’m sure in it’s day it was a beautiful boat and someone’s pride and joy.

Tomorrow and it’s an early start. We plan to get on the services at Cowley lock then after filling and emptying drop down the lock and make the five and a half hour cruise in to London.

                                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. I'm amazed nothing has been done to that burnt house, it was like that when we went past in April!
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. "There must be an airport around here somewhere as the sky is full of Helicopters……"

    Indeed there is - Denham Airfield, which is about 1 mile West of the canal, midway between Black Jack's Lock No85 & Widewater Lock No86. It's clearly visible on Google Earth just above Denham Garden Village. The Robinson R44 Helicopter is owned by one of the flying schools based there. The aircraft on approach (it appears to be LX-JFY, from your picture) is a Pilatus PC-12, which is listed as based in France, so was probably visiting.

  3. Thanks for that Dave , Just had a look on Google earth and Wiki ,very interesting . Also I didn't realise there was a Golf course next to the canal as you head towards Denham deep as its not visable as you travel through ...