Monday, 24 October 2016



IMG_8861We were lucky to pick up this mooring at the top of Rickmansworth (5th boat down). These moorings are all 14 day and are normally full when ever we pass through. We have a few days to wait until our mooring will be ready in London so this seemed a good enough place to spend that time.

IMG_8858For the size of the town Rickmansworth has a small High Street ,but one thing it has is a Wetherspoons pub and how rude would it be not to go in for a drink and a bite to eat. It’s called the Pennsylvania which is the American state founded by William Penn who, at one time, lived in the High Street, Rickmansworth. Penn died in 1718 and was buried at the Friends’ Meeting House, Jordans, near Rickmansworth.

IMG_8862We have been this way many times and never thought much about the second lock which is next to Batchworth lock. It seems to be well maintained . It also has this odd shaped weir next to it. We found out that it was called Chess Lock,and goes towards Rickmansworth Wharf. It doesn't go that far nowadays, as it stops at the residential moorings in Chess Basin, but the lock is still in working order and in use.

IMG_8866After walking about 100 yards around the corner from the lock we came across this electric lift bridge and then Chess basin with at most only 10 residential boats in it’s 2 sections. The road over the lift bridge seemed to go to just one residential property. It seems to be a bit of a waste having an electric lift bridge here that is hardly used when certain other bridges on the system are desperate to be powered.

IMG_8877With availability issues in London for coal diesel and gas we contacted Phil and Mary on their fuel boats Hyperion and Hyades for a delivery while we were in Ricky. Bang on time and with a smile as always they filled us up with diesel,coal and a bottle of gas that had just run out. As with all the fuel boats on the system they do a brilliant job getting to us in all weathers ,even breaking through ice .They have a Facebook page  and can also be contacted on  07415298381 .                                                                                             


                                                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. as always excellent photos, love your blog and keep it up

  2. Hi Waggers , Many thanks for the comment , much appreciated !!!

  3. When I saw your title I knew you were in Ricky. :-)
    If you are still around they have a nice quiz in that pub and I'm pretty sure it's on a Monday night.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  4. Hi Kath , We are always a day or three behind with the blog and so not in Ricky. We will be back this way in a few weeks and we do love a pub quiz !!!