Monday, 17 October 2016

Heron race


IMG_8762We pulled pins from below Seabrook lock no34 at 08.45 and found Richard and Jules on their fuel boats approaching the lock. Carolyn gave them a hand to lock down and had a natter with them. Jules said that the next lock up which was Seabrook no35 had been vandalised and someone had stolen the paddle gear on one of the bottom gates. As you can see from the picture it’s gone,but the gear wheel is still in place even though it will slide straight off the shaft. Why anyone would want to steal this is just beyond me.

IMG_8769After sharing the bottom two locks of the Marsworth flight we had the other seven to do by ourselves. As always there are loads of Gongoozlers on this flight and as always Carolyn gets the kids and sometimes the adults involved by getting them to open and close the gates. We always we look out for Spaceships as we pass Startops reservoir as our friend Rich (nb Oakapple) tells us that the reservoir was formed by Aliens when they visited many years ago.

IMG_8772After a good three hours from setting off we made it to the top. We did talk about turning right and going up the Wendover arm for a day or two, but in the end decided to go straight onto Cowroast.

IMG_8774Every time we pass the Ironworks at Bulbourne we just have to slow down and admire the work they turn out here.

IMG_8776This was a bit unusual and a first for us. This Heron decided it wanted to give us a race,with it going full speed along the towpath I eased off the throttle and kindly let it win.

After a good cruise we moored at Cowroast for the night and visited the Chandlery where we had to buy a few bits for Inca.We always wondered how Cowroast got it’s name and it seems it probably came about due to it being used as a drovers route so that cattle could be taken to London to provide meat; the cows and their drivers would rest overnight before continuing their journey onward. The current name "Cow Roast" is believed to have come from the corruption of its original name "Cow Rest"

IMG_8781The following morning we pulled pins at 07.55 and with a good mist on the canal Carolyn walked ahead to set Cowroast lock. Due to repairs being carried out on this lock in November we wont be back up this way until after the repairs are completed, hopefully the work will finish on time.

IMG_8787Dropping down the seven locks in to Berkhamsted this is the only boat we passed . After seeing it we came up with a cunning plan and decided to spend the rest of the day in Berko. Once moored up Carolyn had some essential looking around the shops to do while I caught up with a few little jobs on Inca.

                                                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. :-0 I hope that "plan" didn't involve a turnip!

    1. Well ,
      not a turnip shaped like a thingy !!!!