Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pop up


IMG_8788We pulled pins from Berkhamsted at 08.15 and entered the lock at the end of the Waitrose pound. This has to be one of the most popular mooring spots on this part of the Grand union . When we got here we were lucky to pick up the last available mooring.

IMG_8805With good weather forecast we were determined to put in a good days cruising and pushed on until we had a problem at Winkwell. There is an electric swing bridge here that is notorious for failing and it seems that is what has happened now. The bridge was stuck half open which meant that cars couldn’t get over it ,but luckily we just managed to squeeze through.

IMG_8808We then passed this boat at Winkwell lock. They looked to be a couple of Livaboards and said they were on their way to Milton Keynes and asked us how long would it take them to get there. But what got me was their louvre windows  . I have no idea why they did it, maybe for security or maybe because they were draughty ,but it looked like they had spray foamed inside of them as you can see in the picture.

IMG_8811This is new and just popped up from nowhere ! It’s a Pop up cafe at Fishery lock and seems to be run by an enterprising boater and trading off their mooring.

IMG_8812I counted 18 solar panels on this boat and they looked like they were big enough to be 200 watts each .He must be running something big onboard for that lot to power. I would have thought he would be very self sufficient even in Winter which is good.. Mind you I wouldn’t mind a few more on Inca if I had the room.

IMG_8813It’s that time of year when we start to see everything changing colour. I haven’t a clue what this bush is but Carolyn says we will have to get one.I’m not sure exactly where she expects me to put it, although no doubt some people could suggest somewhere.

IMG_8814Can you spot the Kingfisher in flight ? A load of rubbish picture I know,but you should try getting a picture when it passes you at what seems to be a hundred miles an hour. I will keep trying !!!

IMG_8820We have seen so many of these lately and mostly in locks. It’s a Red signal Crayfish which is an invasive species in this country. I do have some traps for catching them which I will have to dig out as I understand they are very tasty. Mind you I don’t think I would eat any caught in the canal , but there are a few river sections where I might give it a go sometime.

IMG_8818It’s certainly looking a lot different and darker as you go down the two locks at Nash Mills. Most of the new flats are finished and there is just the block at the bottom lock to complete. With 2 bedroom apartments starting at £315,000 I think I will give it a miss.

We eventually moored up at Kings Langley after a most enjoyable six hour cruise. We will spend the night here before moving off in the morning and continuing our journey to London.

                                                                                                            Happy Days

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