Sunday, 7 August 2016

Stream in the Sky


IMG_7158We decided on an early start as we wanted to get through Chirck and over The Pontcysylite Aqueduct before it got busy .So leaving Curly in bed we pulled ropes through rings at 05.55 which has to be one of the best times of the day. It’s probably a good job Curly was in bed as I’m sure she would have made some comment about me resembling this guy.

IMG_7161Passing through Chirk bank and a local resident has made a real good effort to brighten up the bank with this Canal ware.

IMG_7164 Crossing Chirk Aqueduct which is 70-foot (21 m) high and 710-foot (220 m) long Carolyn steers and tries to keep Inca in a straight line as it can be difficult as you are going against the flow.

IMG_7167After passing through Chirk Tunnel it’s only a couple of miles to The world Heritage site of The Pontcysylite Aqueduct (pronounced Pont-ker-sulth-tee) .Although you get a few glimpses of it through the trees on the way through Froncysylite it comes upon you very quickly after rounding a corner.

IMG_7177With Carolyn in her usual place down below as she is not at all happy with this crossing we start our passage across The Stream in the Sky. It’s Curly’s first ever trip across and we weren’t sure how she would react,but she loved it and was looking over the side as we travelled over.

IMG_7179Looking back as we are about half way across there is a football pitch on one side below and a Sewage Treatment Works on the other side below.

IMG_7176Passing over the River Dee this is where the 1,000 feet long Aqueduct is at it’s highest point of 127 feet.

IMG_7181We have been over the Ponty 8 times before and I have never had a problem with the height. In fact there are pictures somewhere on here of me stood on the edge of Inca above the river looking down. But this time for some bizarre reason I had a bit of a funny moment and just had to get as far away from the edge as possible all the way across . I found that I couldn’t even look down and I just looked ahead and concentrated on steering across. I’m just wondering now if it’s a one off thing or will it be as bad on the way back, It may be that I will be down below with Carolyn and then letting Curly steer us across.

IMG_7204After a good cruise we picked up one our favourite moorings anywhere on the system just a mile outside of Trevor. How about that for a view, and the other way looks back toward the Aqueduct . With Curly wanting to do a bit of Fishing we will have a relaxing day soaking up the Sun and the surroundings before heading into Llangollen basin in the morning.


                                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. loved the photos . was it two or three years ago that we did it I really loved that day nice senery and so peaceful on the journey into the basin we all had a great time. xxx

    1. I think it was 2 years ago . Although time goes so fast !!!

  2. Fantastic Blog

  3. Aloha all, including Curly this time. You have to admit the "guy" on the bench did have a bottle or three. You were fortunate to get that mooring near Trevor. Moorings are scarce in that section of the Llangollen. Good memories as Charlene and I were on the Llangollen just after you and Carolyn last Fall. We will be back on the canals, in the Midlands, this fall. It's always enjoyable following your adventures. You do a great job with your blog. But it will be better to be on the water. Amos

  4. Hi Amos and Charlene .. Let's hope that our paths cross this year when you visit !!!

  5. It certainly is an amazing ride - all credit to the illustrious engineer! We did this trip a few years ago aboard our friends boat Gypsy Rover and it was the highlight of our cruising week. Thanks for the memories.

    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler