Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Four leaf Clover


IMG_7430We are having a very peaceful and enjoyable stay at Maesbury on The Montgomery canal . On the grass next to our mooring there is a lot of Clover growing and guess who found a four leaf Clover ? . I thought it would keep Curly happy for an hour or two trying to find one ,but after just 10 minutes she found one. I immediately got her to give me six numbers for the next lottery draw , with all that luck I will soon be a millionaire..

IMG_7435There are some good walks down here at the end of The Monty. This is the final winding hole (turning point) on the navigation . It is possible to go a few hundred yards through the bridge in the distance before reaching the end ,but you would then have to reverse back to here to wind.

IMG_7438It must be hot as Hamish who is not a great fan of water cools off in the local Ford..

IMG_7456This is what Curly has been waiting for as she has never seen a Horse passing our boat. It’s also a first for us as we have never had a Horse drawn boat go past us. I had already dropped our TV aerial to make it easier for them ,but the guy on the boat and the guy on the Towpath had to use forked sticks to lift the tow rope over Inca.

IMG_7466After hour’s of trying Curly was finally rewarded with this fine looking fish, although she is not that happy holding it she gave it a go. She went on to catch a few more and was over the moon with her catch.

After a few brilliant days here on The Monty it’s time for us to move in the morning. We are heading back to Ellesmere to do a shop and then heading back up The Llangollen canal towards Chirck where Inca will spend a few days in the marina.   

PS .. Finding a four leaf Clover is NOT lucky as I didn’t win on the lottery ,so my advice would be don’t waste your time looking for one….Now then where’s my lucky Rabbits foot …  

                                                                                                      Happy Days

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  1. That was a nice blog lucky Abbie finding a four leaf clover and then catching some fish xxx