Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Lift bridge turns



You may remember the e-mail I sent Canal and River Trust regarding the effort involved in raising lift bridge No 28 on The Stratford canal . link here  http://nbinca.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/lift-bridge-28.html  .The Trust replied that the bridge used to be 40 hard revolutions of the Windlass but after sending it away to Italy it is now 100 easier revolutions of the Windlass to lift it, which is just as exhausting as the 40 hard revolutions.

While on The Llangollen and with all of it’s lift bridges we have been counting how many revolutions up and down they take,in total we have operated 7 different bridges all of them more than once and believe it or not the average is 40 up and about 35 down . The bridges all seem to be of a similar size to No 28 ,so I think maybe the pump needs another trip back to Italy , although God only knows how much that would cost. Surely there’s a company somewhere in this country that can adjust a simple and very basic hydraulic pump ?.

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