Friday, 19 August 2016

Leaving the monty


IMG_7470We needed to be at the bottom of the Frankton locks by mid day for our passage back up on to The Llangollen canal. We pulled ropes through rings at 08.55 and then went to the end of the canal to wind (turn) before heading back on to the service point at Maesbury. Being fairly new and with not a lot of use these are some of the best services anywhere on the system.

IMG_7483It’s then a food three hours back up to the bottom lock of the Frankton flight. At the Graham Palmer lock where the Girls take Inca in to the lock.

IMG_7486We arrived at the bottom of Frankton locks at 11.30 and had two boats in front of us waiting to go up . Both the top and bottom locks on this flight are padlocked and can only be used by a Lock Keeper.

IMG_7489When we came down the flight the Lockie wouldn’t let Carolyn operate the paddles ,but he was more than happy for her to help out on our passage back up the flight.

IMG_7512After a night in Ellesmere and a quick stop off at Tesco we pulled pins at 07.40 and after a few hours cruising we passed from England back into Wales when we once again crossed The Chirck aqueduct.

IMG_7519After passing through Chirck Tunnel we carried on for a further mile before entering Chirck Marina where Inca will spend the next three or four days while we hot foot it down to Devon.

                                                                                              Happy Days

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