Wednesday, 3 August 2016

On the Llangollen


IMG_6988We pulled pins from our mooring near Chester Zoo at 07.55 and before long this plane passed over our heads. It’s the first time we have ever seen an Airbus Beluga. Named after a whale, it’s used to transport aero parts and oversized cargo’s.

IMG_7024Back to Chester and in the Northgate 3 staircase lock. With no lockie on duty and another boat coming down Carolyn and the other boating Lady set the locks so the two of us could pass in the centre lock. It saved so much time and worked a treat.

IMG_7031Oh dear . Curly did say should we stop and pull the poor chap out.

IMG_7040After a good days cruise we picked up this mooring just after Tattenhall Marina and got out the new BBQ for the first time. After lighting it and letting it settle down it was a total success . Then when we were finished it was cleaned and folded down and put back in it’s small case. Perfect for boats where storage is so important.

IMG_7054After a great BBQ  the next mooring we pulled pins at 08.10 with the intention of getting to the bottom of the Hurleston flight that takes you up on to The Llangollen canal .We passed this boat on the way and if you give your boat this name then you have to take some flack about being a Nut.

IMG_7061If only we could have moored next to this field last night as they are harvesting this years crop of new Potatoes. I’m sure we could have done something on the BBQ with some lovely new spuds.

IMG_7063After a night below the locks we had a sort of early start pulling ropes through rings at 07.45. With this flight getting very busy at this time of year it makes sense to get up there early in the day.

Curly thinks she is going to take Inca into the bottom lock. Maybe in a year or two ,but I must admit she is very close to taking over on the helm of Inca.

IMG_7073Heading into the bottom lock of The Hurleston flight that takes us up onto The llangollen canal and we have to lift all fenders due to the bottom lock being so narrow.

IMG_7075How about this for being efficient ? Curly is now strong enough to open and close single lock gates ,so we now have a system where Carolyn goes' a lock ahead and Curly closes all the gates when I leave the lower lock . It certainly speeds our way up The Hurleston flight of locks and it’s about time she earned her passage.

IMG_7098Her reward for all the hard work locking us up onto The Llangollen canal and that’s an Ice cream at Wrenbury . We will now have a night here before continuing our journey up The Llangollen canal.

                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. nice blog . where is Abbies LIFE JACKET? she should be wearing it xxxxxx

  2. Grandchildren should work for their passage and the food they consume, I reckon! Our 11 year old grandson (when he was 9 and 10) got stuck into the lock work and it does make a difference. His star turn was the Bosley Locks - 3 times in one holiday, poor kid! Next year the younger one, who will be 7 then, will be put to work as well ...
    Where did you get your new BBQ from? Looks good.
    Cheers, M

    1. Hi Marilyn , If it was up to me I would work the young cabin girl a lot harder !! The BBQ was bought from Millets and is brilliant . The main advantage is that once folded it takes up no space at all .Hope you are both
      keeping well !!!