Tuesday, 9 August 2016



IMG_7206A bit of a later start today and we pulled pins from our mooring at 08.45 and started the final leg of our journey into the town of Llangollen. We have asked a few boaters passing us if there was much room in the basin and it seems there is plenty ,so that will be just the ticket. This section of the journey consists of a few narrow sections where it is one way traffic. This section has a passing place, even so Carolyn and Curly went ahead on foot to check that the coast was clear.

IMG_7210There's no way you would want to meet a boat coming from the other direction as you can see how narrow it is.

IMG_7211As we get closer to Llangollen we pass this sign which I thought was great . It’s a shame there’s not a few more Canal and River Trust Signs saying slow down.

IMG_7212This is the final narrow section before entering Llangollen and Carolyn and Curly run on to check for oncoming boats. Come on Girls ,put a bit of a sprint on…

IMG_7216Curly took one of the Walkie talkies so she could call me to let me know it was OK to come through ,But when reaching the end and trying to call me she ended up talking to one of the local Taxi firms . Anyway a little later and a phone call from Carolyn she tells me that there are no boats coming so off I go. Its very narrow through here and the going is extremely slow as we are fighting against the flow  .

IMG_7219Finally at our destination and we have a good choice of moorings in the basin and end up in the same place we have been for our last 4 or 5 visits. We have to pay £6 a night for the privilege of mooring here ,but we do get electric and water thrown in for that. Needless to say we save all our clothes washing till we get here and then just hammer the electric with the Washing machine and then the tumble drier running flat out. Being on a boat and having to be so careful with your power usage it’s an absolute delight to not worry about leaving the lights on or switching on the emersion heater for a bit of hot water.We even had the TV on in the day which is something we would never do. Mind you what a load of rubbish daytime TV is…

We now have 48 hours here which to be honest is not long enough for us, but I guess if it was longer and with the amount of boats that come this way it’s probably fair.

                                                                                                Happy Days

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