Sunday, 28 August 2016



IMG_7752We hadn’t realised it when we moored up below the Anderton boat lift ,but that evening there was a Madness tribute band performing below the lift. What a result we thought ,so we enquired about getting tickets for the event . We were told that they were £22.50 on the door that evening which for a tribute band is a lot of money when people on the pontoon behind us said that they saw the real Madness a while back and that only cost £17.50 a ticket.

As we were less than a hundred yards from the stage we decided to save our money and enjoy the evening on the pontoon.

IMG_7751What a brilliant evening it was , the band did two sets which were both very good and as tribute bands go they were excellent .Carolyn and Curly certainly had loads of fun and had a good old dance on the pontoon.

IMG_7741“Stop it” ! “Stop it” ! Said Curly ,”You are so embarrassing that’s Granddad dancing you are doing”. “No chance I’m having too much fun” said me it’s Baggy trousers playing. Luckily there were only a few fellow boaters on the pontoon behind us who were also doing some dancing.

IMG_7761The following morning after a most wonderful evening we pulled ropes through bollards and winded (turned) below The Anderton Boat Lift.

IMG_7785Half an hour later and we were all tied up on the visitor moorings at Northwich. Within minutes of arriving Carolyn and Curly were off exploring the town. We will have a couple of days here as we need somewhere for Curly to be picked up by her Mum,then it’s off cruising on The Weaver.

                                                                                                                  Happy days

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