Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kitchen closed !!!


IMG_7766We have 48 hours on our moorings and with a volunteer number/boat checker who lives in the flats above the moorings, I don’t think we will overstay. The parks department certainly put on a good display of colour as can be seen here at the entrance to Verdin park.

IMG_7787There can be a problem mooring here where we are opposite the marina as it gets very full in high season. The last time we came here 2 years ago we moored on the wharf in the picture above with plenty of bollards to tie to it’s ideal for the town. But now they have built a flood defence wall ,but unfortunatetly there are no steps to get over the wall . You can clamber over but it’s a bit of a struggle. Hopefully steps or a small ladder will be provided.

IMG_7789We decided on a early start and had to drag Curly out of her bed to go for a breakfast at Wetherspoons. The Penny Black was another one that we hadn’t been to so we were looking forward to our visit.

IMG_7788What !!!  Kitchen closed in a Spoons, I’ve never heard of that happening before . I bet it was the Microwave that broke down,so in which case the whole kitchen would fail to function !!! (just a bit of cutting wit Mr Spoons)

IMG_7805This has to be one of the best Libraries we have ever seen. The iconic building on Witton Street is a Grade II listed building.  It was donated to the town by Sir John Brunner, former MP for Northwich in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the current building dates back to 1909.The building once housed the town’s salt museum and cared for the important collection which explained the rise of the salt industry.

IMG_7795There are two swing bridges in Northwich that cross the river Weaver, Hayhurst Bridge built in 1898, and Town Bridge built in 1899. The bridges were the first two electrically powered swing bridges in Great Britain and were built on floating pontoons to counteract the mine subsidence. They were designed by Colonel John Saner. We were lucky enough to see Town bridge open to let a Canal and River Trust work boat through. Luckily Hayhurst bridge is a lot higher than Town bridge ,so they got through there without having to open it.

IMG_7800Moored opposite us in the marina was this wide beam with it’s little dog that was always on guard duty at the back. It almost looks like the opening was made for him.

With Curly going back down to Devon in the morning we will stock up Inca from the local Waitrose and then head down River and have a few days out in the countryside.

                                                                                                       Happy Days

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