Friday, 8 January 2016

Well done Carolyn


IMG_1653After a few days in the so called centre of the UK canal network its time to leave a very muddy Braunston. Come on Canal and River Trust how about a bit of towpath improvements here on the visitor moorings. Shame its not a designated cycle route, because if it was the towpath would be concrete and in perfect condition.

IMG_1662Before winding (turning) its a water fill up and dump rubbish at the stop house.

IMG_1667Its then onto and into the entrance of Braunston marina for our winding.

IMG_1669Her we go. Carolyn decided that she wanted to do her first ever winding of Inca. So after switching on her Girlie button (Bow thruster) I stood back and said nothing.

IMG_1673Unbelievable !!! .She did it with out hitting anything and never even used the Girlie button.. OK so I will admit it, she did very well…But I'm still the Captain.

IMG_1677After stopping on the Midland Chandlers mooring and spending yet more money a fellow boater told us about how the pier on the famous bridge over the canal is slowly failing. As you look at the bottom of the pier all the concrete base is starting to become worn away.

IMG_1679We passed this boat when we were leaving Braunston. I have seen boats with petrol outboards but never a narrowboat with two electric motors like this. It would be interesting to see it moving along.

IMG_1685Leaving Braunston and we pass the completely empty Winter moorings..Surprise surprise.

IMG_1693A very unusual looking bow on this boat I don't think I have seen another like it.

IMG_1694After a good cruise from Braunston we arrived at Hillmorton near Rugby and moored about a 100 yards before the lock.We will have a day or two here before pulling pins and moving on.

                                                                                                          Happy Days


  1. good blog We have Abbie here & she has been explaining about what Nannie has to do if she needs to use the Bow ThrusterAbbie said nannie is always captain.

    1. Yes Carolyn is always Captain and Curly is first mate , then me just the cabin boy !!!

  2. Good on you, Carolyn, I'm proud of you winding without the bow thruster. Gary can say what he likes, but it's a boy button in actual fact. And you have proven it unequivocally! Cheers, M

  3. I am also proud of Carolyn ... But it's still a Girlie button and always will be ..Ha ha!!

  4. Well done carolyn...we dont need the girlie button..its there in case the boys need it!!! Love u to gary!!!! Hehe...pam xx

  5. Hi Pam.. Of course I never ever use the Girlie button ... Why is my nose getting longer??