Monday, 18 January 2016

Name that tune


IMG_1802On a cold and snowy morning I was forced told asked by Carolyn to go down to the shops with her. There is a new retail park next to the canal and she wanted to show me around it for some reason. There are a couple of empty shops and on the front of this one is these musical instruments. You put your hand on the instrument and a note is sounded. The idea is you play a tune , I certainly didnt recognise the tune Carolyn was playing.

IMG_1805The old retail park was demolished and they have now built this one. According to Carolyn there are a couple of good shops there. I did go into Halfords which is down the bottom and buy 3 oil filters for our Beta 43 engine. I recently bought one in Midland Chandlers and it cost me £16 , In Halfords they were only £4.49 each.

IMG_1894With more bad weather forecast we decided to fill the boats with water. The only problem was that the tap was over a 140 feet away from the boats. So we joined up our hose with the hose from Nb Muleless. After filling Muleless, Inca and the boat in front of us we added Nb Oakfields hose and passed it over to them on the other side of the canal hoping that there would be no passing boats. After they were full the boat behind them Nb Autumn also filled up. With it being a very slow tap it took a couple of hours ,but at least all 5 boats are now filled up with water.

                                                                                                    Happy Days


  1. I'm intrigued where is the tap? I know there is one under the bridge.

    Just for info! Thanks Ali

    1. Hi Ali and John, The tap is in the left hand corner of the building in the park C&RT key required.. It would be a good idea to disinfect it before using it as we all did. The tap under the bridge has not worked since the work started on the new retail park and there is no sign of it ever working again...