Saturday, 2 January 2016

Cruising again


IMG_1557After 8 days of no cruising Im now desperate to get out of the marina and get back to our Winter cruising. So in blustery conditions its time to reverse off our mooring and out of the marina.

IMG_1559We have number 1 Grandaughter with us for a few days and she soon takes charge of the camera . Its not that easy in these high winds but the good old Girlie button (Bow thruster) is a great help.

IMG_1583After winding (turning) at the end of the marina we head out onto the main canal.

IMG_1595After hitting nothing in the high winds we eventually make it out of the marina.

IMG_1597Decisions decisions , do we go left or right or straight on towards Birmingham. After 5 seconds of a very short discussion Carolyn decides that we will turn right towards Braunston.

IMG_1615Guess how good it is to have Curly back on board . The only problem is that I now get relegated from being first mate (although Carolyn lets me think that I am the captain) down to the number 1 Deckscrubber.

We are now on our way into Braunston and will hopefully meet up with a couple of friends and then out for a bite to eat and a drink or three at the local Pub.

                                                                                                            Happy Days


  1. Chilly but fine - excellent boating weather!
    I am interested that you call the bow thruster the girlie button, Gary - seems to me it is almost always men who use them, so perhaps they should be renamed boy buttons, mate!
    Cheers, M&D

    1. It's very rare that I use my you no what button.. Of course I don't really need it ,but as it came with the boat , I do take advantage of it occasionally ... But I am never going to call it a boy button !!!! It's there for Carolyn and she is a Girl it's her button ..