Sunday, 24 January 2016

On the move at last

IMG_1933Exactly 14 days after arriving at Brownsover and with all our time here used up we pulled pins at 11.00 after the rain had stopped. We said our goodbyes to Gary and Della not knowing when we would bump into each other again, although I Suspect it will not be long.
IMG_1936It was then a short distance to the winding hole where we turn and head towards Hillmorton.
IMG_1946We are lucky again as we don’t meet a boat coming in the opposite direction as it gets a bit tight here at Clifton with all the boats moored on the wharf.
IMG_1951A familiar boat having work done on the wharf. The last time we saw The Gongoozers rest cafe a few weeks ago it was in the dry dock at Braunston ,so I’m not sure why it was taken out again here at Clifton cruisers.
IMG_1953We only did a short cruise down to the bottom of Hillmorton locks. With good TV and Internet we will have a day or two here before continuing our Winter cruise South.
                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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