Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Into Braunston


IMG_1617After the luxury of a marina its back to the canals with wet and very muddy towpaths. It doesent matter how much you try its nearly impossiple to keep the mud out of the boat especially when you have a Dog as well.

IMG_1624A repair gone wrong . The idea of this type of bank repair is that they knock wooden stakes into the canal bed ,then attach a black membrane/netting and then fill behind with soil and a type of coia basket. Plants are then meant to grow and strenghen the bank, but not in this case.

IMG_1630Arriving in Braunston and we picked up this mooring opposite The Boathouse pub. How convienient was that…

IMG_1636It was good to meet up with Gary and Della from NB muleless and spend a great night with them at the Boathouse. With Gary being a Red wine lover like me we soon started buying and drinking it by the bottle. Just the ticket. Cant wait till next time !!!

With Curly going home soon we will have a day or two here in Braunston for her to be picked up before pulling pins and heading North on the next leg of our Winter cruise.

                                                                                        Happy Days

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