Friday, 29 January 2016

Warning FUMES !!!!!!!!

For the last few days we have had fumes in the boat and even after sweeping the chimney it got no better. We checked all the joints on the stove and also checked for leaks around the stove door. It wasn’t until Carolyn spotted a puff of smoke at the top of the flue near the ceiling that we found this. The pipe at the back and out of view has corroded through and was letting smoke and fumes into the boat. We have 2 Carbon monoxide detectors and 2 smoke alarms but none of them went off.

I have now carried out a temporary repair until we can get a new flue pipe made and fitted.We do burn green wood which is normally Ash as well as coal,but the pipe is only two and a half years old and I would have expected it to last longer than that. I think that we were very fortunate and lucky to find it when we did as the outcome could have been far worse.
                                                                                                  Happy (lucky) Days


  1. Gary and Carolyn, So glad to read in your blog that you found the source of your problem, instead of reading about you in a news article. Stay well and stay safe, Amos and Charlene

  2. Hi Amos and Charlene ,Thanks for your kind words, We do think we were a bit lucky to find it when we did ...

  3. Wow. It does seem odd that the flue has "gone" so quickly, but well done for spotting it. Just goes to show how thorough you have to be with your checks.
    On the other hand, afternoon "relaxation" in the boozer looks just the thing - continue to enjoy!

  4. Hi Jack .. Luckily for us the guy that installed it will replace it under warranty which is good. An afternoon in the boozer is good, but going on till late in the evening is a bit out of order ..Anyway we will carry on enjoying ..Cheers !!!