Thursday, 7 January 2016

Braunston Breach


IMG_1633With Curly on her way back down to Sunny Devon we decided to have a walk down the towpath to the marina and pick up a copy of the free boating Newspaper Towpath Talk. Poor old Hamish cant understand whats gone wrong here. He is a great little dog ,but not that bright sometimes.

IMG_1649Just before the Stophouse we came across these barrierers in the middle of the towpath.

IMG_1643Oops a big hole..

IMG_1642And it looks even bigger when you look inside it.

IMG_1641The breach happened a few days ago and apparantly a lot of water was lost through the large hole . Canal and River Trust barrelled loads of clay to the breach and packed it in to stem the flow of water out of the canal. They are now waiting for an engineer to come and advise on what action to take next.

IMG_1651As we arrived back at Inca we were passed by Gary and Della on NB Muleless as they were on the move again. See you both soon and look forward to a bottle glass of wine or three the next time we meet.

                                                                                                           Happy Days

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