Sunday, 2 August 2015

Duck Ed !!


IMG_3361Before pulling pins we had a quick look around Mercia Marina at Willington … You never know one day we might need one for a day month or two. I think we would prefer Barton marina as it is £90 a month cheaper and seems to have more of what we would want in a marina. Plus the lady in reception who we spoke too certainly seemed to put us at ease and confirm what we have been told by other boaters that it is a very friendly marina which welcomes liveaboards.

IMG_3362Mind you Ed Curly..

IMG_3366On towards Shardlow and I think the boaters around here need feeding up ..

IMG_3368Another good boat name.

IMG_3371“Come on Curly get on that other paddle with Nan”

IMG_3373We are now on the part of the Trent and Mersey that has the deep double locks with some of them being 12 feet deep.

After four and a half hours cruising we picked up a mooring just before Shardlow lock . Tomorrow hopefully if we can get Curly out of her Pit bed we will make an early start and drop down onto the river Trent.

                                                                                                             Happy Days

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  1. Hope you get Abbie out of bed ok in the morning I thought it was you that got up last. The back view of Abbie going to help Carolyn at the locks she looks so tall.Growing very fast now. x