Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Erewash Canal


IMG_3375We pulled pins at 07.45 and dropped down the lock and into Shardlow.

IMG_3379Curly liked this planter.

IMG_3381Soon we were through Trent lock and out onto The River Trent.

IMG_3388After being advised by the people in the rubber dinghy about all of the sailing dinghies we made a left turn and into the mouth of the Erewash canal.

IMG_3401After leaving the Trent you pull into a small area where you wait to go up Trent lock and then onto the Erewash canal .We have been told by many fellow boaters not to bother with this canal as the gates and paddles on every lock are very heavy and such hard work and there are very few places to safely moor. But as usual we need to find out for ourselves….So here goes.

IMG_3404As we enter the canal we just cant see what all the fuss is about. The water is crystal clear and the locals seem extremely friendly.

IMG_3427But then after a few locks we start to meet a couple of boats coming towards us who have turned around before reaching the end. It seems that the locks are just so heavy and many boaters have been advised to be very careful where they moor due to anti social behaviour. But not being put off we carry on with me taking over from Carolyn on lock operating duties due to the heaviness of the locks.

We eventually found a bit of open country near Shipley lock and decided to moor for the night. Even though we were in the country it wasn't a peaceful night with several Scroates walking the towpath shouting and swearing at all hours of the night.

IMG_3434Anyway , Not being put off and determined to get to the end we pulled pins at 08.40 and eventually made it to Langley mill which is the end of the Erewash Canal . We had been advised not to go above the top lock until you had walked up there and checked that you could moor and turn . What good advice that was. With very little chance of mooring and boats moored on the lock landing and in the Winding hole we decided to turn below the lock and moor on the grass outside of KFC.

IMG_3428On our mooring for the night . With a Lidl and an Asda we filled the cupboards. With Curly wanting KFC for her evening meal I decided that I would join her to save on Carolyn slaving over a hot stove after all of that heavy locking……How good am I ???

We met with Neil on Ann on NB Heartsease who were also moored at the end of The Erewash and to make things easier we decided on an early start in the morning and share all of the locks back down to the River Trent.

                                                                                       Happy Days


  1. Congrats on making it up the Erewash. Great Northern Basin is our home mooring and is also the only bit of navigable Nottingham Canal. You must get your end of navigation plaque. See Pete at the boatyard. price is about £5. (walk over the swingbridge and through the large gates until you see his workshop). I agree the locks can be a bit heavy but no more then the GU locks and I feel the Erewash doesn't deserve it's bad press. Having moored on this canal for 8 years we have never had any problems with the locals. So glad you didn't listen to other boaters and made the journey up. The Erewash needs to be cruised.

    1. Hi Ian and Irene .We are glad we did The Erewash but all we seemed to get was from people is not to do it .The canal itself is very clean and tidy with good towpaths ,but you just get that feeling about being safe. We probably will never do it again ,but would tell others to at least try it like we did ...regards Gary

  2. Well done Gary & Carolyn for not being put off and seeing the canal for yourselves.
    Worth the trouble though I wonder?