Thursday, 20 August 2015

Enchanted Tunnel


IMG_4036After puling pins at 07.30 from our mooring near Brewood we soon arrived at the balustraded Avenue Bridge 10 on The Shropshire union canal.The road which it carries leads to Chillington Hall.

IMG_4043Passing the moorings at Brewood and Curly took a likening to this mini Narrowboat.

IMG_4065How about this for a great deal at Wheaton Aston .This is the cheapest we have ever paid for Diesel at only 55.9 pence per litre. Needless to say we filled the tank up to the brim …..Just the ticket

IMG_4080He seems happy enough with his beer and fag.

IMG_4093You can not do a post on the Shropie without putting up a picture of this bridge with the old telegraph post in the middle of it.

IMG_4085Going through Cowley tunnel which at 81 yards is not that long ,but Curly thought is was the most enchanted tunnel she had ever seen.

IMG_4106Back in the winter we had a single zip in our cratch cover fail, so we took it to the upholsters in Braunston to get it replaced. It ended up costing us £80 so we were a bit annoyed that a further two zips have since failed .We saw this sign and shouted to the guy working in his boat/workshop at Shebdon Wharf , he said he would replace both while we waited for £25 a zip. It took him just over one and a half hours and the zips are double stitched and dead straight. Well worth a visit if you are in the area and need any work doing…. Another great result for the day.

IMG_4107It was then a day off from cruising and with a good mooring opposite Shebdon Wharf we spent half the day polishing and waxing the Port side of Inca and then in the afternoon we did a full service on our Beta 43 engine. After a hard day we rewarded ourselves with a BBQ, a bit of fishing, and a good old chill out….

                                                                                                 Happy Days