Tuesday, 11 August 2015

In a pickle


IMG_3555After pulling pins at 09.00 from Willington the decision was made to stop at Branston (Birthplace of the famous Pickle) for the the rest of the day and the night .There's a large lake and of course a play park . Curly had great fun watching me getting in a pickle trying to climb to the top of a 5 foot wall. Eventually I made ….just.

IMG_3558With the good weather the Farmers were busy harvesting and keeping us awake half the night.

IMG_3572Another good boat name ….

IMG_3580After a night at Branston it was off again and towards Alrewas which is one of our favourite villages.With me doing the locks for the day we soon make good progress towards Alrewas ,or was it Carolyn's steering that was so good ???

IMG_3593We were a bit concerned when we got near to the river Trent section. As you can see the sign above says that its closed.

IMG_3598We arrived at Wychnor lock and everything seemed to be OK on the river section so we just went for it. Passing the 13th century Wychnor and we came to the conclusion that some naughty person may have been messing around with the sign.

IMG_3622Safely through the river section and we picked up this mooring just after bridge 46 . Yet again we just had time to say hello to Terry and Pam on NB Roosters Rest as they passed us travelling in the opposite direction. We will meet up for that drink one day !!!!!!

IMG_3632One of the first places we head for when in Alrewas is P.Coates and Son the local butcher. It is the best butchers we have ever found and is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

IMG_3634This house has set up a little stall outside selling Pickles ,Jams and vegetables. Every time we visit Alrewas Carolyn just cant resist buying a few bits and pieces.

We will spend a day or two here enjoying village life before moving on to our next destination ,when we decide where that is ….

                                                                                                     Happy Days

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  1. Not doing enough exercise I suppose Abbie could climb over the wall.I recognised the house where we bought the jam as you know we enjoyed our visit that day x