Thursday, 13 August 2015



IMG_3644After a few very enjoyable days at Alrewas our time was up and we had to leave.We pulled pins at 06.55 and headed straight for the lock heading West.

IMG_3647It was then on to Fradley junction and on to the services . While we were filling with water I had a look at this restored 1954 Ford 10cwt  van.



IMG_3651Its a bit sparse on the inside and where is the radio ???

IMG_3653After locking through Fradley and getting into a bit of a queue behind 2 boats we eventually made it to Wood End Lock.

IMG_3658Its been said by many people that this is probably the best looking lock on The Trent and Mersey canal.

IMG_3659On and through Armitage , sometimes called Toilet town by passing boaters . Its just impossible to pass through without taking a picture of the Sanitary ware factory.

IMG_3684As we approach Armitage (or “Plum Pudding”) tunnel Carolyn and Curly have to go ahead on foot to check that no boats are coming in the opposite direction. The roof of the tunnel was removed many years ago and now its one way working through this very narrow section.Luckily I made it through with no scratches.

IMG_3703After coming through the tunnel you are greeted by this Gentleman….Cheers !!

IMG_3705Another good boat name… Well I thought it was funny, Carolyn did not think it was funny and luckily Curly didn't have a clue what it meant.

IMG_3708Arriving in Rugeley we picked up this mooring. Its very handy for the town and the new Tesco store which is next to the canal. Although we have heard of a few problems with kids jumping on boats and being a bit of a nuisance in this area we will stay the night here and then head out early in the morning..

                                                                                           Happy Days

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  1. Some nice pictures. Abbie looking happy she loves it there with you on the boat , x