Wednesday, 19 August 2015


IMG_3958We puled pins from Bogg lock and soon got to the very busy lock at Gailey. We were going to fill with water but the queue was so long and the water points were on the side for boats descending the lock so it made it a bit awkward.

IMG_3968I'm not sure what sort of chemicals they deal with, but we have no intention of stopping anywhere around here.

IMG_3979We passed this boat called TYCHO which has a serious lump of metal attached to its bow. Its obviously not for ice breaking as its so high out of the water. The only thing I can think of is that its for pushing something.

IMG_3987Cheeky.. Wonder why they point her at the canal?

IMG_3981Here we go again yet another fishing match and yet again another bunch of bloody miseries. As always Carolyn says hello to everyone of them just to make them speak. Its amazing how they wont even have eye contact with us . As always I slow to tick over and stay in the middle of the canal,but still they seem to hate us boaters. It doesn't take much effort to say Hello…..

IMG_3984Then this happened, the idiot angler didn't lift his pole high enough and his hook got caught in our centre rope as we passed. After jamming Inca into reverse and stopping Carolyn went along the side and untangled his line. If it had been me I would have took a knife and cut his line. Mind you he did mutter sorry as we were pulling away from him,so at least that's something.

IMG_3989After a few days on the Staff and Worcs canal we reach Autherley junction and turn into The Shropshire Union Canal.

IMG_4004As soon as you make the turn onto the Shropie you come across this lock. It would be advisable to drop a crew member off before turning into the junction like we didn't. The lock drops you down the great height of 6 inches .
After filling with water and getting rid of rubbish we had an Ice cream and then headed up the Shropie to a mooring for the night just before Brewood (Pronounced Brood).
                                                                                                      Happy Days

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