Monday, 8 September 2014

Firkum Hall


IMG_3601Still up the Wendover arm and we still can’t believe how quiet it is. We have seen a few boats come up to the end and turn and one or two of them have stopped the night, but mostly we have had it all to ourselves.

IMG_3621But all good things must come to an end and its time to move on again. On Monday morning after a superb weekend we pulled pins at 10.00 and could see that the level was down on the arm. As we passed the pumping station two pumps were pumping flat out .

IMG_3627It has certainly been a good year for wild fruit and look at this lot. Only trouble is that they were in someone's garden. But we have done very well with Blackberries and Carolyn is now making her second batch of jam. With the crab apples coming on it will soon be time to start gathering them for some of Carolyn's delicious Crab Apple jelly.

IMG_3636Carolyn has decided she wants more practice in handling the boat . This morning she did 5 locks down on the Marsworth flight and didn't she do well , not a scratch on Inca.

IMG_3656With the temperature well into the twenties and after 3 hours of travelling we picked up this mooring next to the Marsworth reservoir.

IMG_3667After mooring we decided to take Molly and Hamish out for a walk and it wasn't long before we passed this house. Carolyn had a good laugh , but i just didn't get it. I seem to remember passing a boat with a similar name not long ago and i didn't get that either.

IMG_3666How do you pass a village pub on a hot day ? The answer is you can’t its impossible, especially when you have nothing better to do.

We will spend the night here and then an early start tomorrow morning as we have 15 locks and about 6 hours of cruising to get to our next destination. More about that in our next post.


                                                                Happy Days


  1. nice spot where you have looked good to.well done Carolyn doing the steering bet Gary was sweating having to do the hard with the sun hotter today.good blog xxxx

    1. It was a bit warm doing the locks, but it won't hurt me to do a bit of exercise ..