Sunday, 14 September 2014

Out of Aylesbury


IMG_3773On Friday morning we pulled pins at 08.00 and the first job before leaving Aylesbury was to empty the cassette in the Elsan and then off to the first lock of the day. Just what you need at your first lock of the day, a dirty great tree. We managed to move it and secure it to the bank away from the lock ,so good deed of the day completed.

IMG_3788With Carolyn still wanting to steer she kindly let me operate a few locks while she continued taking all a little tiny bit of the paint off of Inca’s hull.

IMG_3806Looking good on the helm.

IMG_3797We had intended to use this Marina which is just outside of Aylesbury. It had been recommended to us by several people, but having found the new moorings in the town more than satisfactory we used those instead and saved a few more quid .

IMG_3801Some serious under pinning is required on this bridge. The bricks are in the bottom of the canal and you can feel them scraping the bottom of the hull as you pass under the bridge. Just another job on Canal and River Trusts long list of jobs to do.

IMG_3804With Carolyn back on the windlass we get to another lock where the gate will not open because of all the build up of rubbish.So its out with the pole and Carolyn pulls out as much as she can so that the gate will fully open.

IMG_3822Further along and we pass Bates boatyard and this has to be one of the largest collections of old wooden built Narrowboats we have seen.

IMG_3826This is the closest we have come to seeing an Aylesbury Duck. Not the best looking duck in the World though.

IMG_3830If you can not have a garden next to your boat then you just as well have one on your boat.

IMG_3833After seven and a half hours of cruising we pick up this mooring just before Pitstone. The long day was mainly down to low pounds again on the arm and continually going two or three locks ahead and having to let down water to fill the pounds. With The Chiltern Hills in the background and good TV and Internet this will do us for a day or two.

IMG_3835Not long after mooring who should turn up but Jules and Richard on their coal boat, Towcester. We try to support them and get all of our Diesel ,Coal and Gas from them when we are in their working area . We ended up taking on 122 litres of Diesel , 1 gas cylinder and 6 bags of Homefire ovals coal (ouch ! that hurt the wallet) . Before setting off they couldn't resist the offer of some of Carolyn's lovely scones, made with Devon clotted cream and some of Carolyn's homemade blackberry jam….by the look on their faces I think they enjoyed it !!

And Finally

  Best wishes to David (one of the best Process controllers at SWW) and Sarah who get married on Saturday the 20th down in sunny Devon. We hope you both have a brilliant day and enjoy many happy years together. We will be raising a few glasses of the red stuff aboard Inca to toast your special day.

                                                               Happy Days

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