Saturday, 27 September 2014



IMG_3941We are currently moored 2 miles north of Leighton Buzzard and have Gary on his coal boat and butty moored behind us.His boats were built by Harland and wolff (Builders of the Titanic) in 1936 and are Town class boats. They are named Ascot and Beverley. Gary supplies Coal, Gas and Diesel and we always try and support him when we are travelling through the area that he covers.

IMG_3962Sunrise on the Grand Union Canal…..Just Perfect !!!

IMG_3955If you fancy a canal holiday with out all of the hassle how about this. Its a wide beam Hotel boat and they do everything for you. Its not cheap but what a great way to relax. Mind you Carolyn says Inca is like a Hotel boat with her doing all the work and me as the grumpy guest .

IMG_3971Brandy before the sun rises over the Yardarm.. Oh!! Carolyn and Francis ……What ever next !!!!

We have now been here for nearly a week which is a long time in one place for us, although we have said we need to slow down a bit. The plan now is to reverse back to the winding hole (turning point) turn and then head back in to Leighton Buzzard and re-stock from Tesco and Aldi. Then empty poo cassettes, fill with water and dump the rubbish. We then plan to head south with Stewart and Fran and then climb up to Church lock and hopefully catch a few large Carp .                                               


                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. lovely photo of the sunrise I love to see the trees changing colours. there was some good photography today xxx

  2. David Bailey has nothing on me ....

  3. Glad to see your enjoying urselves. Cant beat a brandy before cooking the tea!!! Cheers carolyn. We r at kinver now enjoyed glos canal for the summer. Hope our paths cross sometime. U in marina for winter? Enjoy pam & terry

    1. Hi Pam and Terry, What a brilliant summer it was .i don't think we are going in to a marina no plans to do so at the moment.We are now starting to collect wood ,although we have not lit the fire yet. Looking at the stoppages so trying to plan some sort of route, Will catch up with you before long .....