Friday, 19 September 2014



IMG_3845Last weekend has to be one of the busiest we have had since we have been on the Grand Union Canal and everybody seemed to be in a hurry. In the end we got so fed up with being bumped about that we put springs on our moorings both fore and aft. The rule of the waterway is to pass moored boats at tick over speed, but you wouldn't believe the amount of ignorant gits people who don't abide by this rule.

IMG_3851There has been so much wild fruit this year and Carolyn just can not stop picking it all.

IMG_3872But with Blackberry crumble and Devon clotted cream like this it is well worth the effort. And yes it tasted as good as it looked…..Well done Carolyn !!!

IMG_3878I never realised that there would be so much maintenance to do on a Narrowboat. I like the boat to be polished and looking good at all times, but it takes such a hammering as we are constantly cruising ,so its good to have a few days where i can really get to grips with it. I now have the port side Polished , Waxed and the Gunnels painted. I now need the towpath to change sides so that i can tackle the Starboard side.

IMG_3883On Monday morning we pulled pins at 08..20 with the intention of getting somewhere close to Leighton Buzzard . After passing Pitstone wharf we came across this sorry looking boat. Still the same as last time we passed this way.

IMG_3897After passing close to where the Great Train robbery happened at Cheddington in 1963 its not long before we then pass the famous Whipsnade Lion which was cut into the chalk in 1933.

IMG_3903The rule with locks is that when you leave a lock you leave it with all gates and paddles closed unless instructed otherwise. We followed this boat down through six locks and at every lock they had left the gates and the paddles open . I just managed to snap this picture of them and shout a few expletives before they disappeared around the corner, unfortunately i don't think they heard me.

IMG_3905Yet another Alcohol themed boat name.

After 4 hours of cruising we tried to pick up a mooring above Church lock but there were none available so we carried on down the next two locks and moored for the night below Grove lock.

IMG_3910Tuesday morning and it was an early start as we wanted to fill with water and then get onto the Tesco moorings in Leighton Buzzard. As you can see the approach to the water points is a little overgrown.

IMG_3913After spending yet another fortune in Leighton Buzzard it was a short cruise towards a mooring at Old Linslade and then meeting up with our good friends Stewart and Fran on nb The Boat. Molly and Hamish were just as pleased to meet up with their mate Jeb. We may have the odd drink or two or three or four, but it will sure be fun catching up with each others news.


                                                                Happy Days


  1. ssome very good photos this time. the crumble looked scrumptious my mouth is watering. boat is looking nice and shiny(spelling) now 7pm man still here fixing the new boiler

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  2. The crumble was to die for !!!!!!

  3. Good times GP....thanks for your kind words last time out .......big day looms tomorrow and will have a sharpener for you guys you make us feel that we should have had crumble on the pudding menu .