Saturday, 6 September 2014

Finders Keepers


IMG_3542We pulled pins from our mooring in Berkhamsted on Thursday morning after a couple of days there. We both like the Town as it has so much to offer ,with good shopping and a very friendly atmosphere. The only downside is that the moorings are within 100 yards of the main Railway line,and with trains every couple of minutes it does tend to get on your nerves. I would imagine if you were here long enough you would become oblivious to them. What made it worse was that they were carrying out track repairs throughout the night and the Trains sounded their horns as they passed through all night long.

IMG_3564This is becoming a familiar sight on our travels. They are prized for their wool and apparently their meat tastes very good , although i have never seen Alpaca steaks in Tesco.


IMG_3568Nearly at Tring summit and we pass this lovely old canal cottage.

IMG_3555I guess this boat has some connection with Cornwall , as they use silly words like Dreckly down there.

IMG_3576Yet again we just couldn't pass the entrance to The Wendover arm without turning into it. And Yet again we couldn't get around the corner next to the Flour factory. The level in the canal was so low and even though the pumps were running we had to do several shunts forwards and backwards to get around.

IMG_3591Yet again we are so lucky to pick up this mooring. We absolutely love it here. It is so peaceful and tranquil and it has to be one of our favourite places we have discovered on our journeys.

IMG_3580Finders Keepers ….    This is just a few items that we have found on our travels in the past few months. It seems people just leave things on the towpath for us to pick up. I must admit that it is mostly Carolyn that spots it. She has an uncanny knack of finding things including money. She is always picking up coins in the streets and sometimes its even paper money. I just wish she could be luckier with the National Lottery.

With good weather forecast for the weekend we will stop here and chill until Monday and then continue on our journey to who knows where next …


  1. hey cant believe that I missrd this blog so sorry. you certainly find some very nice spots to moor

  2. This has to be one of the top moorings anywhere !!!