Friday, 12 September 2014

Four Candles


IMG_3731After arriving at Aylesbury and not knowing if we could moor or not we decided to just go for it and see if anybody says anything to us.

IMG_3746We pulled over on to the pontoons in front of the new building work that is going on around the basin. Once moored up and Molly and Hamish had been walked we decided to have a look around the town.

IMG_3744Four Candles please …Me and Ronnie Barker taking in the sights.



IMG_3755This is what me and my new mate Ronnie were looking at . Its the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre which is right next to our mooring. Ronnie Barker was born in Bedford and started his acting career in 1948 at the Old county theatre in Market Square Aylesbury. .


IMG_3735From the Theatre it is a short walk up through the Arches and into the town.

IMG_3736Its Market day so her ladyship is happy.

IMG_3747What a mess ! . After a couple of days of spending all of my money Carolyn started work on all of the foraging she had done on are way down The Aylesbury arm.

IMG_3765But look at the results . We have 2 jars of Damson jam and 3 jars of Blackberry jam. Just the Ticket.

We have enjoyed our stay in Aylesbury and (Carolyn) spent a shed load of money as she we always do when we visit a big town . Once all the building work has been completed in the basin i am sure it will be a great place to moor for a few days. A lot of people don't bother with Aylesbury because of all of the locks on the arm , but it is well worth the effort as the canal itself is a pleasure to cruise and the town of Aylesbury is an absolute delight to visit.

Tomorrow (Friday) we intend to pull pins early and try and get to Pitstone for the night.

                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. looked nice there as you know like Carolyn I would be one of the first to go to the shops & market.good photo of you & Ronnie barker., good blog xxxxxxx

  2. forgot to say the jam looks very

  3. Carolyn's middle name is Shopping and mine is Thrifty ..What a good team we make !!!

  4. great photo of you and Mr Barker...have confirmed our wine list for next weekends nuptials and you won't be surprised that we've gone for an Argentine Malbec and a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc....will have glass for you both . Do waitrose have a good selection. ?.
    I think Thrifty is a great middle name- ... mine is "sale rail". but shopping is preferable to shop lifting i guess.
    all the best GP and Carolyn too, and can Carolyn have a guest writing slot on the blog ?.

    1. Hi David What a brilliant wine choice especially the Malbec which is a favourite of mine.
      Waitrose have a superb selection of wine and I am often tempted to try some of their fine wines , but being a poor old SWW pensioner I end up looking at the deals on offer.

      Sail rail is also a great middle name and I must admit if I can find a bargain I am more than happy. I will leave a slot for Carolyn on a future blog , but I don't think she will take the opportunity to get her own back on me.

      Have a brilliant day on Saturday and Carolyn and myself wish you a long and very happy marriage...