Friday, 30 May 2014

Oh Sh!t

We pulled pins on Thursday morning just before 10.00 and before long the mizzle (mist and drizzle ) started .When we arrived at New Marton bottom lock there was a hire boater moored on the lock landing and mooring ropes attached forward and aft. Right I said I'm going to have a go at him “wait there” said Carolyn . She went and spoke to the guy and he said he was told to wait there as there was an incident at the next lock……

marton lock incident 003Carolyn grabbed the camera and dashed up to Top Marton lock to see what was going on . And when she got there this is what she found.

marton lock incident 004A hire boat had got well and truly stuck in the lock.

marton lock incident 005It was at a very precarious angle and at one time at risk of sinking

marton lock incident 006Not looking good !!!!!

marton lock incident 007There were a lot of very concerned people gathered around the lock.

marton lock incident 010The boat had entered the lock with 2 fenders down on the starboard side, Both the people got off and lifted the paddles and as the lock started to empty the boat got caught on the side of the lock .Not knowing what action to take the lock carried on empting and the stern got lower and lower. Luckily the guy who lives in the lock cottage ran out and tried to help them.

marton lock incident 011They then filled all the holes and breathers at the back of the boat then attached ropes and winches .They then started to fill the lock at the same time as winching up the stern. Eventually with an almighty splash the boat became free.

marton lock incident 012This is the boat after the incident. I think they were very lucky it ended as well as it did and lucky that there were no people onboard when it happened. The guy in the lock cottage did say that they have never had anything like that happen here before.

marton lock incident 024We eventually got through the lock and there in front of us were 18 boats waiting to lock down and more arriving behind them. It took several hours until the last one got through.

marton lock incident 026After a very exciting and wet day we picked up this mooring just above New Marton top lock…..Lesson learnt today…Don’t go through locks with fenders down.

                                                                            Happy Days


  1. that was very interesting was there any damage to the boat?good job it wasn't you .

  2. Hi both, how awful, the hirer's must have been terrified. It's pretty nasty to witness to, especially if it's someone's home. I of course never ever have fenders down, but locking is always a potential hazard, you have to have eyes up your a***, watching for cills, front button fenders being stuck in gates, water flow, ropes loosely around mushrooms. A good post to remind folk to always lift the fenders, sod the shiny paint work. Take care guys, I'll soon be on the Llan. x

    1. Hi Jacquie, The bizarre thing about all of it was that the hirer's where not all bothered. Carolyn spoke to the lady and she said going over the aqueduct was worse. Maybe if one of them had been on the boat it would have been different and as someone else said it was only a hire boat. But I still think it could have been a lot worse...

  3. WOW just goes to show what can go wrong. They were very lucky. Also that CRT were out to sort it all out fairly promptly. I suppose with the busy canal they needed to. My thought was at least they didn't damage the lock!! Jill

  4. Hi Jill, it was all sorted in a few hours, Fortunately no damage was don and no one was injured...Hope you are both ok and we have been following tour more pictures please....All the best .