Sunday, 4 May 2014

Carolyn is back !!!!!


mancetter 006With Carolyn away it gave me a chance to do all those little jobs you never get around to. I have now cut up the last of the wood on the roof and have now sharpened and serviced the chainsaw ready for next winter. Plus countless other jobs.

mancetter 013                                           No wood on the roof , the first time since last September.

mancetter 023With the return of Carolyn on Friday we decided to make an early start on Saturday and dropped down the 3 locks at Hillmorton .We wanted to do a big shop at Tesco in Rugby as there is a Tesco close to the moorings at Brownsover. Carolyn really missed her beloved windlass….

mancetter 035                                   After a brilliant day of sunshine and cruising on Saturday we picked up this mooring just past Brinklow marina.

mancetter 039                                                                                  On Saturday evening this past us……. Its defiantly different !!

10303760_10154155759285151_8187501605914170814_nWell done Matt Edmonds (Nephew) on Saturday night with Crazy Rouge on Britain's got talent.. Through to the next round…...Matt is on the left..

On Sunday morning we pulled pins at 08.15..Yet again we were lucky to have glorious sunshine as we cruised towards Hawkesbury Junction.

mancetter 043                                                                                  And that's a good idea and got me thinking.

mancetter 062At Hawkesbury junction we leave the Oxford canal and drop down the 12 inches in the lock and join the Coventry canal. After dropping down the lock there is a real acute turn to the right and no matter how hard i try i just cant get around in one go.

mancetter 068                                              Heading North on the Coventry canal you soon come to Charity dock, and what a display there is.

mancetter 078                                                           You don't see many Telegraph poles like this one anymore.

mancetter 083                                                We picked up this mooring after 7 hours of cruising and its in the middle of an ancient battlefield.

mancetter 084                                                          How the hell did we loose 80,000 and they only lost 400 ???

We plan another long day tomorrow with the first hurdle of the day being the Atherstone flight of locks and then we will just see how far we get ….

                                      Happy Days


  1. loved the blog , very interesting.xxxxxx

  2. Surprised you never thought about a motorbike before.........

  3. Surprised you never thought about a motorbike before.........

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