Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pontcysylite Wow !!!!

We pulled pins on Friday at 09.10 with the intention of picking up a mooring somewhere before The Pontcysylite aqueduct.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 056After travelling along Chirk bank you come to the Chirk aqueduct where the canal along with the train bridge above it passes from England and into Wales. How brave was Carolyn steering Inca over the aqueduct as I took a few snaps.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 069Immediately after Chirk aqueduct you enter Chirk tunnel.It is a single way tunnel with a tow path going through it .Although it is only 459 yards it takes ages to get through it due to the flow of water and the width of the tunnel.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 101We looked for a mooring in Froncysyllte, but with no spare moorings we were then committed to going over the Pontcysylite aqueduct. After rounding a corner and before you realize it you are going onto the aqueduct and over the river Dee. It was built by Thomas Telford and William Jessop and completed in 1805 and is often called The stream in the sky . It now has World Heritage status and you can see why.  It has 18 stone piers and is over 1000 feet long , and at its highest point it is a dizzy 127 feet tall. Its correct pronunciation is Pont-ker-sulth-tee.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 112The aqueduct has a walkway on one side and on the other side there is nothing.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 122The views are absolutely brilliant.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 111I did step out onto the side at one point even though I am not that good with heights.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 127The river Dee 127 feet below.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 145This has to be the best canal experience you can ever have, I absolutely loved it.  I also felt like a bit of a celebrity as I had my photo taken so many times by all of the Gongoozlers (canal watchers).
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 132And where was Carolyn during our passage over the Pontcysylite  ?? … she doesn’t like heights so she went into Hiding down below. Hopefully on the way back she will join me on the back on Inca.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 167As soon as you get to the other side and into Trevor it is a sharp left turn and onto the final 4 and a half miles to Llangollen. We did try to get a mooring in Trevor but there is only room for 3 boats and they were all taken , so we had to wind at the end of the arm and come back to the junction. This has to be the most picturesque canal we have cruised so far , and with the welsh mountains all around the view is just mind blowing.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 003Before you get to Llangollen the canal goes so narrow that there is only room for single traffic. At this point I had to wait while Carolyn went ahead with one of the walkie talkies and then called me to let me know it was clear to proceed. At the end of the narrows Carolyn had stopped 3 boats from coming the other way and they had to wait until Inca had passed through.
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 020We picked up this mooring about a mile before Llangollen .
pontycyste 29 -05-1014 154This is the view from our front room window, it is Dinas Bran castle and this is the sight we had this morning when we woke up.
Tomorrow we will walk into Llangollen and have a look around the town and then on Sunday we will go through the last lot of narrows and then try and pick up a mooring in the basin. The moorings there are £12 for 48 hours with free electric and water.
                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Wow, it's quite spectacular isn't it. Carolyn you did so well steering the boat over Chirk, no mean feat cruising all the way from England to Wales. ! But I had to titter when you were then in the doorway going over Ponty- whatever - . It's a lovely walk up the Dinas Bran, it doesn't take so long as it looks, nice spot for a picnic & wee bottle of red, and a riverside walk is lovely too, especially with a bag of chips. Do enjoy yourselves. I have taken a little detour today leaving Nantwich for Middlewich branch and Kings Lock, just a wee adjustment on my Webasto, I have a couple of days to kill, as my dad who lives in Welshpool, has sodded off for a week to sunny climes of the Isle of Wight - Not likely. So I'm in no rush, but hopefully we'll pass at some point. x

  2. Hi Jacquie .we have really enjoyed it here ,what a great place. Went to horseshoe falls ,We have my parents and sister and hubby coming up later in the month ,so will do Dinas bran.then, hope to meet up with you at some point. All the best Gary and Carolyn

  3. I would not be keen going over that aqueduct!! Looks like a lovely time you are having! Hope all is well! : )

    1. Hi Ethan. All going well hope you are ok. Scary going over the Ponty but well worth it.keep in touch .All the best !!!

  4. smashing account of the welsh leg of your adventure.Brings back memories of when El & I ran the trip boats over the Ponty in the late 90's.

    1. Hi Stan ...we absolutely love it here . The best countryside and views we have seen so parents are on their way up ,so we will get a second chance to do the Ponty and a couple of days in Llangollen...Hope you are both keeping well ...Regards Gary and Carolyn