Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Free entertainment


ellesmere bank hol may 2014 002                             Still moored on The Ellesmere arm and every afternoon we have some brilliant entertainment with the hire boaters coming in to try and find a mooring. The arm is nearly empty between ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, then it starts to fill up and if you leave it too late you have no chance. That is one of the reasons we like to get an early start in the morning so we can stop early and get good moorings .

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 008                              With boats moored in the winding hole at the end of the arm it makes it even more difficult to turn.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 013                                   On Monday morning we had another walk over to The Mere. It is a lake that was formed in the Ice age, and no water flows into it and no water flows out.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 019                                   A whicker Dragonfly on The Mere.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 023Not long after returning back to Inca we were joined by John and Janice from Narrow boat The oak. We met them last week when we were coming up some locks on our way to Ellesmere. They have been boating for over 40 years and it was great to hear all the stories of their travels , they also gave us some great advice of where to go on the canal system. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening and ended up getting slightly hammered. We both look forward to meeting up with them again soon.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 032                       On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to John and Janice and pulled pins at about 09.00 (we think),   And came across a couple more good boat names……                 I guess someone likes Rupert the Bear.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 036                               Surely they could have thought of something to call it…..Oh!  they did.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 038                            After a couple hours of cruising with a bit of a hangover we picked up this rural mooring just before bridge 7w.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 040                                About 50 yards behind our mooring there is a winding hole, and yes yet more great entertainment. Instead of putting his bow into the hole to turn this guy tried to reverse in. They got in a bit of a pickle but they saw the funny side of it.

ellesmere bank hol may 2014 042                            With rain forecast for Wednesday we have decided to sit it out here and catch up with a few inside jobs. While I was down in the engine ole giving it a clean Carolyn got on with some rope splicing , she is just so talented.

With more rain tomorrow we will hopefully find a gap in the weather and move a couple of miles and get above the 2 locks at New Marton, then on Friday or Saturday we will cross the Pontcysylite aqueduct and hopefully pick up a mooring in Llangollen for a day or two…

ps     Good luck to Matt (nephew) on Britain's got Talent. He is through to the live semi final and is a dancer in the group Crazy Rouge….

                                                                                                             Happy Days


  1. nice blog your new friends look nice. Janice looks jolly. Carolyn is looking very healthy and tanned .

    1. They are a lovely couple and we look forward to meeting them again ..........

  2. Splicing !!! Looks like a noose to me

    1. Now you mention it ,yes it does look like a noose and about the right size for my neck.....

  3. loving the blog GP.....catch up most weeks but can't compete with your windswept and interesting lifestyle. Mrs David and i are preparing for our nuptials in september ......and have decided against going boating on honeymoon, we've booked our travellers cheques and updated our passports and are off to Cornwall......have a glass for us GP.

    1. Hello David and Mrs David .Greetings from the Llangollen canal..All going well and getting close to that big aqueduct and Carolyn is starting to panic. We have met a lot of Cornish people living on the canals .They fly a silly black and white flag and take the pee out of our Devon flag...Share price looking good so you must be working hard !!I I won't have a glass for you ,I will have several.....All the best.