Thursday, 22 May 2014

Chilling with friends……

On Monday we pulled pins at 07.45 and cruised towards Barbridge on the junction with the Middlewich branch. We passed Hurleston Junction which takes you on to the llangollen as we had planned to meet up with our friends Stewart and Fran from nb The Boat.

to llangollen 007                                        We passed this boat on route and someone actually lives on it.

to llangollen 020                                  Just after getting moored up at Barbridge this happened. A straight piece of canal and the boat on the left hits the one on the right.

to llangollen 032Soon after mooring we were joined by Stewart and Fran and it wasn’t long before we were all sat in the sun enjoying a good old drink and a catch up on what we have all been up to. We ended spending the whole afternoon and evening just chilling, drinking and eating . Just the ticket……

to llangollen 046We had intended to pull pins on Tuesday morning but when Fran suggested a trip to the Pub for a drink and something to eat we just couldn’t leave and decided to spend another day with them in Barbridge.

to llangollen 050                                       This is Stewart and Fran's dog ….Jeb , Molly and Hamish's best friend.

to llangollen 051                                     On Wednesday morning after a very enjoyable couple of days its time to say goodbye. We will catch up again soon…Is that your bow thruster working there Stewart ???

to llangollen 060                                   We then pulled pins and had to wind (turn) at the junction .

to llangollen 070                                    It took several shunts forwards and backwards but we eventually winded……Take note Stewart no Bow thruster !!!

to llangollen 081It was then a short journey down to Hurleston junction. We had already taken all our fenders off as the locks are very narrow.The walls  have started to bow inwards. Several boats have become stuck in the past.

to llangollen 084                                    It certainly is tight in the lock and you can see where the wall bows out on the left.

to llangollen 102                                    Eventually onto the Llangollen canal and Carolyn lifting the first of many lift bridges on this canal

to llangollen 114We picked up this rural morning just before Quoisley lock and with bad weather forecast for Thursday we will spend the day here. We want to make an early start on Friday and get through Grindley Brook locks as it can sometimes be a bit of a bottleneck.


                                                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. well that was very nice blog. looks as though you had a good time with your not too good here today. xxx

  2. Hi Gary and Carolyn, thanks for your comment, people have been very kind and sent several replies. I notice there is a huge difference in the amount of wattage people have, varying from 125 to 400, I was just wondering what was your thought process in needing 400 watts.

    Your drinks and sunbathing day looked very lovely and relaxing. See you soon on the Llangollen. Happy Cruising Jacquie

  3. wow, you do use a lot of power on charging up computers etc, I tend to only charge up mine if say I've had the vac/washing machine/ or the odd tv hour on per day, and very rarely will I just use just the inverter to charge laptop. and I will never understand all this amp stuff ! Really I am just trying to get away with having to run the engine for average 3 hours a day just to charge, I manage well with my power consumption, never struggle or wish I had more etc, ( maybe sometimes if say your in slob mode and want an evenings telly, instead of 2 hours ) but that's all. i'm surprised you feel like you need more than 400, I'm wondering if it has to do with what sort of panels, cells, type of inverters, lights, age of boats etc that we all have that makes a difference. as I mentioned before some friends only have 1 x 125 panel and they appear to have all that I would need, and they have inverter on all the time, charging laptops, several hours of tv per day, fridge and separate freezer ( I don't have freezer ). It's a huge difference between 125 and 400, I do also have to consider not having to have to many obstacles on my roof, as a single handler, as I don't want to come a cropper and trip up and fall in LOL. Thanks so much Gary for your time, it really does help having these comparisions. Take care both. Jacquie