Friday, 16 May 2014


to market drayton 16.05 2014 005We pulled pins on Wednesday  morning at 08.15 and headed out on The Shropshire canal from Gnosall. Just after leaving Gnosall the famous shropshire landmark of The Wreckin comes into view. It is a hill that is 1335 feet high and can be seen for many miles as you travel along the embankments of the Shroppie.
to market drayton 16.05 2014 023       Another famous sight on this canal is this telegraph pole fixed into the arch on this bridge

to market drayton 16.05 2014 041This is the Cadbury factory at Shebdon Wharf . This is where they process the milk into raw chocolate then they send it to Bournville. It used to be sent by canal but that stopped in 1961.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 037                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                           Another good boat name and a very good body.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 073We moored at midday opposite The Wharf Tavern and decided to stay here for the rest of the day and it then wasn’t long before we got busy polishing Inca.We have always done it by hand but this time used the electric polisher, and what a difference it made. It was a lot quicker and it was a much better finish. As you can see Molly and Hamish were not a lot of help.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 069                                                    Ooops!!!!!    .  At least he hit the bridge and not Inca

to market drayton 16.05 2014 092     Being moored opposite a pub meant that her ladyship had to drag me out for dinner. A bit pricey but very good food.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 097        Thursday morning and we pulled pins at 08.35 and were soon in yet another narrow cutting.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 107                                                       And it got deeper and deeper.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 113                                                       In deep cuttings you get tall bridges.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 121  Carolyn couldn’t resist taking this photo.. Its not what it looks like, I am actually emptying the toilet cassette at Tyrley services.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 126                                                               Tyrley top lock.

  On the fourth lock down we encountered the strongest side wash ever.It pushed us over into the trees and I had to use full throttle to get us back on course.

to market drayton 16.05 2014 137 Our mooring for Thursday night….yes on top of this bridge. We are now in Market Drayton and picked up this high mooring.
We may spend a day or two here as Carolyn says she wants to have a look around the town (Buying things in shops) but the weather is hot and it’s a good mooring so we are happy here. I am not sure how this post will come out as my laptop has gone titsup. Norton has shut down and stopped me getting on line. I have tried everything ,it says to download the uninstall from their web site but as I cant get online I cant do that. I then tried to manually uninstall it but got half way through and it wouldn’t let me continue,  so until I sort it out I am on Carolyn's laptop..

                                                           Happy Days

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