Wednesday, 7 May 2014


We have decided to make a push towards Llangollen and have had a few long cruising days. And there is nothing better than getting an early start .We have had a busy few days and after getting through Atherstone locks we then cruised to Tamworth and moored just before the town and opposite the Golf course .

to tixall 017On Tuesday morning we pulled pins at 06.50 and headed through Tamworth and then dropped down the 2 locks at the end of the Town. It was then onto Fazeley Junction and turning right staying on the Coventry canal. A left turn would have taken us onto the Birmingham and Fazeley canal.

to tixall 022                                                   On the Junction i managed to get this Kingfisher to stay still long enough for me to get this picture

to tixall 030                                            With the sun out it was time to put the silly hat on….. Don't i look just like Indiana Jones ???

to tixall 023                                                                                        Another great boat name.

to tixall 048                        After a good days cruising we picked up this mooring just before the water point at Fradley Junction on the end of the Coventry canal.

to tixall 059Wednesday was another early start and this time we pulled pins at 06.45 with the hope of making it to Tixall Wide and picking up a mooring for a day or two of chilling. So it was through the swing bridge and a left turn onto the Trent and Mersey canal. After the 2 locks at Fradley we came to Woodend lock which is one of the more picturesque locks on the canal , Made even more picturesque by Carolyn’s smile . (That must be worth a good few brownie points)

to tixall 063                                   Its not long before you come to the Armitage Shanks Factory where they make thousands of toilets every year.

to tixall 076Its then through the Armitage tunnel that isn't a tunnel anymore as the roof was taken off many years ago. It is so narrow that 2 boats can not pass and as you can’t see the other end you have to send someone through on foot to make sure it is clear to proceed. We have a pair of 2 way radios and this is the only time we have ever used them and even then all you can hear on them is the local Taxi drivers.

to tixall 086 After stopping to fill with water we arrived in Rugeley where the skyline is dominated by the Power station. There is a new 24 hour Tesco next to the visitor moorings which is very handy so we stopped and got a few bits and pieces .

to tixall 093                    After leaving Rugeley we came across this boat. What a great name. I don't think Carolyn would let me use a name like this.

to tixall 107 We finally arrived at Great Haywood and turned left under bridge 109 and joined the Staffordshire and Worcester canal. It is then a very short distance to Tixall wide.This is a very popular mooring spot and luckily there were two or three moorings empty.

to tixall 110This has to be one of the best moorings anywhere. It is said that the owner of Tixall Hall wouldn't let the canal company build a canal through his estate unless it was made to look like a lake . So to make him happy and get the canal built they dug out a large area to form a lake. It is also said that the expanse of water was already here and that Izaak Walton learnt to fish here. Which ever is right it doesn't matter as it is a lovely place to chill out.

                                                              Happy Days

Ps….Hi Pam , It was good to meet you at Hopwas, and look forward to catching up with you again soon when i will definitely take a picture of you for the blog !!


  1. great blog gary. loved it

  2. Gary, you look good in the hat. Based on your comment, you could apply to John Cleese for the position of "Minister of Silly Hats". Thanks for the preview of our trip this fall, North Oxford to Coventry canal to Trent & Mersey. Glad you're getting good weather. AND-I support your comment and your request for brownie points. Aloha, Amos and Charlene

    1. Hello Amos and Charlene, IT is so good to hear from you . When you go on the Trent and Mersey try and get to Alrewas and visit the National Arboretum. It is a moving experience and worth the visit. We maybe back down that way in the Autumn and if so it would be good to meet up with you both ....Gary and Carolyn

  3. oi big lad....going to Manchester on Fri 23rd...coming back the 24th...will you be anywhere on route????

    1. Hello Nicolas. We should be around North wales near Llangollen. It would be really good to meet up. Get in touch nearer the time and hopefully we can get together ...