Thursday, 1 May 2014

Carolyn shows her bottom

We pulled pins at Norton Junction at 09.40 on Monday morning and headed towards Braunston. The last couple of times we've been through Braunston tunnel we haven't met another boat but this time we met a boat wright on the s-bend in the tunnel and what made it worse was that as well as his front light he had 2 large Halogen lights on his roof which completely blinded us. Anyway at least the tunnel was dry.

to hillmorton 004                We met nb Kangaroo and Australia coming up Braunston locks. They are still working and were delivering a cargo when we passed them.

to hillmorton 007   About time… New footpaths between the locks at Braunston. With all the rain we had over the winter it was so muddy you needed wellies to walk them.

to hillmorton 014                                 Narrowboat Carolyn out of the water showing her bottom…………. ( I know what you thought by the the title !!! )

to hillmorton 020                  Tight squeeze through all the moored boats.They are moored 3 abreast but its ok because they belong to the hire company.

to hillmorton 022We were lucky to pick up this mooring as all the 48 hour moorings outside of the marina were reserved. There is a show on this weekend yet the moorings were reserved from the 26th of April. It has certainly caused some bad feeling amongst boaters as people can’t understand why they were reserved so far in advance.
After mooring Carolyn did a quick shop in the village as we were running out of the usual stuff like bread and milk. And as we were so close to the pub Carolyn insisted on going there for dinner as it was buy one get one free. Strange though we had one drink each and they were nearly the same price as the 2 meals. I told Carolyn we would have tap water next time because that is free…You can imagine what her reply was..

to hillmorton 042On Tuesday morning we pulled pins at 09.15 and after filling with water and spending another 100 quid in Midland chandlers we cruised for 3 hours to Hillmorton . Carolyn has to go back down to Devon for a few days so this mooring is handy for Rugby railway station and not a bad place for me to stay while she is gone. I have over 12 megs of internet and good TV and satellite and with plenty of jobs to do on Inca i should be kept busy.

to hillmorton 050                                                                           And not forgetting all that walking with Molly and Hamish

to hillmorton 052                                                                                                        Poetry on Hillmorton locks.

tt 004   We have passed through here many times but did not know what the poetry meant until i saw this explanation.(If you click on the picture it should open a lot clearer)

to hillmorton 059                 After a cracking day on Wednesday where the temperature hit 20 deg we had this lovely Sunset over Rugby to end the day.

                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. good blog Gary some good shots of Inca , hope you have been feeding ok without Carolyn there. have given her the post and the tins of paint xxxx

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  2. A most disappointing post after Google promised so much: "Carolyn shows her bottom", "tight squeeze", "abreast". :-D

    1. Hi , I will try harder not to disappoint next time.....