Friday, 12 May 2017

Leeds Dock


IMG_2964After a good first night in Leeds Dock Carolyn was up early and with my credit card in her handbag she set off on the free ferry which would take her from the dock and in to the city centre.

IMG_2999Carolyn was amazed that after being dropped off from the ferry that she had to make her way up this tunnel to get to the city centre.

IMG_2990Eventually in to the city centre and there were so many shops .

IMG_2969 While why Carolyn was away I had a wonder around the Dock . It’s had millions of pounds thrown at it and contains Restaurants and flats and reminds me a lot of Paddington Basin in London.

IMG_2970Go on Lad push a bit harder.

IMG_2972There is only room in the for 3 or 4 full length narrowboats to moor in the dock at present and sometimes especially in high season you just can not moor. But there is room for at least another 10 boats in the inner basin . But there is a low bridge that can be lifted which prevents entry to this basin . For some unknown reason either Canal and River Trust or Leeds Dock will not lift the bridge to allow visiting boats in. As in many places around the country they don’t seem to want visiting boaters .

IMG_2981The view down the Basin with Inca moored on the left in front of the Armoury. With Carolyn due back at mid day we have decided to have a look around the Armoury which is free  .

IMG_3012Yes Free is my favourite word and we have heard that the Armoury is well worth a visit.

IMG_3015Run for your lives . Carolyn laughing and with her hands on a Vickers machine gun.

IMG_3019This is the tower which has the main staircase around the outside of it . What a magnificent display of weapons.

IMG_3021There are displays from all ages .                                                                                      

IMG_3040I just love Guns and have had them in one form or another for most of my life . I actually had a shotgun similar to the one on the right which is a 5 shot automatic 12 bore . I also had a one similar to the side by side model next to it and several under and over shotguns. So the display brought back some good memories from my shooting days.

We have now spent longer here than we had intended to ,but it was well worth it .We now have 127 miles and 97 locks to do in the next 12 days to make our booking in to Liverpool. It means doing an average of about 5 hours a day which should be achievable as we head across the Pennines on The Leeds and Liverpool canal. (I just hope we can make it). Tomorrow it will be an early start as we have been told we need to get through the outskirts of Leeds which we have been told is Bandit country.

                                                                                                         Happy Days


  1. That dock should be buzzing with life and activity. What a shame that visitors seem to be discouraged.

    1. Hi Jack . It's a shame as Leeds has so much to offer for visiting boaters .We both enjoyed the couple of days we spent there .