Friday, 19 May 2017

On the Summit


IMG_3271We were up and ready for the off at 08.00 when we had arranged to meet the Lockie who was going to help us up the flight. But just before eight we were told that some Idiot had left the paddles on lock 33 at Gargrave fully open and had totally drained the pound above. There was only one thing to do and that was to let water down the Bank Newton flight which we were just going to do ‘ it should only hold us up for a short time .

IMG_3274In the end it only took just over an hour to fill the pound so we were soon on our way sharing the locks with another boat.

IMG_3276 It didn’t take long to get to the ,top of the 5 lock flight and it was a big thank you to Miles who was the Lockie on duty. A lovely guy and ever so helpful ,a real credit to Canal and River Trust .

IMG_3294No need to tell me that . We have been attacked on several occasions as we have cruised past their nests.

IMG_3300The Thrift code . I’m not sure that many boaters adhere to this.

IMG_3303Another funny looking ground paddle and a first for us . There were no written instructions but I take to be some sort of brake to slow down the paddle as it drops.

IMG_3306After a great effort we have made it to the summit of the Leeds and Liverpool canal and what relief . It’s now all down hill to Salthouse Dock in Liverpool ,should be a doddle or maybe not.

IMG_3310Go on jump in .. You are a Duck and you can swim !

IMG_3287At East Marton we passed under this strange looking bridge which is numbered 161. It’s just a small marvel of the Waterways where a realigned upgraded road was simply provided by a second arch above the existing one.

IMG_3322We have now crossed the border from Yorkshire and are now in Lancashire .We have enjoyed Yorkshire a lot and have been so impressed with the friendlyness and warmth of the people . A county we will have to come back to again one day

IMG_3331After a good 7 hour cruise we picked up a mooring in Foulridge next to the old lime Kilns . Another early start tomorrow as we want to push on towards Liverpool . It will be another first for us as Foulridge tunnel is controlled by traffic lights which is something we have never come across before.

                                                                                              Happy Days

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