Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A Guest Blog by Abbie



IMG_1924Hello   My name is Abbie   (other wise know as curly) and I am 10 years old. grumpdad always calls me curly and calls me it on his blog, so most of his freinds on boats only know me by this name.


IMG_1971these two are called rosie and jim but instead on this boat they are called rosie and gin,  most names on boats have a twist to them to make them funny



We had a swan chase us right at the back of inca  it didnt give up, it wouldnt go away,  and then the folowing day i was sat out the front of inca and we passed  some geese so ………..i made a  goose  noise as we passed them and they attacked the  back end of the boat,  they where attacking the button,  they chased us for ages this happened so quickley and suddenley ……………grumpdad jumped, he was so scared he moved into the semmi,we all thought the bird was comming on board.  THE SWANS AND THE GEESE WERE ALL PROTECTING THERE NEW NESTS 


I can now do all the jobs on a lock by myself but when they are very hard my nan helps me


DOG OWNERS BEAWARE.  READ THIS SIGHN AND DO WHAT IT SAYS   IF YOU HAVE A DOG     CLEAN UP AFTER IT      I have seen many different signs all over the canals on my travels with nan and grumpdad, even one that says There is no such thing as a poo fairy.   I think Dog watch is important  .



we stayed in the basin at bugsworth for a few days and I loved it there. We met the man that looks after it and he is called Pablo and he is very nice



grumpdad wanted me to empty the toilets out  so i said no thats a BLUES job and I am a girl and I am pink.


Me and Nan went to Buxton on the Bus and nan started to feel sick because it was a winding and a high road but I was alright.



We loved are time at Buxton and Nan liked all the shops. We had ice cream and a nice lunch before going back on the bus and nan felt poorly again



We went through Standedge tunnel and look how funny grumpdad looks .me and Nan sat inside the boat as we went through and i got a certificate for going all the way to the other side of the tunnel . My Mum is coming to pick me up in a couple of days and i have to go back to school but will be back in the summer holidays


grumpdad said that I could do this guest blog as long as i ended it with happy days   Goodbye from Abbie and

                                                                                                   Happy Days


  1. well done Abbie that was a very good and interesting blog loved it.

    1. She will soon be taking over when ever she is aboard the good ship Inca .

  2. Well Done Abbie. Luv the Grumpdads quotes xx

  3. Nice 1 Curly. Cracking read.

    1. I will pass on your comment Ade , Im sure she will appreciate it .

  4. Hi Abbie,

    I really loved your blog! It's really good!
    I hope that there will be many more blogs from your time on NB inca!
    I also like you coat! - I use to have one just like that! - I'm glad you like it! It suits you!

    Lots of love from Australia

  5. Great blog Abbie, hope you wtite another one soon. You are so right - emptying the cassettes is NOT a job for girls, or ladies either! Definately a blue job.

  6. Lovely blog Abbie, and how dare grumpdad say you should empty the toilet! Like Jenny said it is defo a blues job. I am a pink girl too so I never do it! Looking forward to another blog when you come back in the summer. Well done you!

  7. Really good blog Abbie,love the grumpdad tag hehe. We have been following you all for a few years now and both enjoy your gramps style and looking at all the pics of your adventures. Best wishes to you all.