Saturday, 27 May 2017



IMG_3624After a couple of nights at Litherland we pulled pins at 09.30 and with Narrrowboat Copper Dragon we made our way towards the top lock at Stanley Locks. It was about an hours cruise so after arriving we had a bit of a wait for Canal and River Trust staff to come and lock us down the flight of 4 locks at 13.00.

IMG_3630At last it was time and we started dropping down the locks on our journey in to Liverpool . I think we both might be just a little excited.

IMG_3641At the bottom of the four locks we get instructions from Canal and River Trust in how to get to the next lock safely. Luckily for us Allan and Sandra have done this trip before so we decided to follow them.

IMG_3639We are now ready to drop down the last lock before entering Stanley Dock.

IMG_3650Here we go ! We have to head towards the clock tower and then hang a left towards all the tall buildings.

IMG_3651The view from behind and where we have just come from  The impressive building on the right was the old Tobacco Warehouse which is now being converted into 476 apartments accompanied by businesses, cafes and retail outlets on the ground floor.

The Stanley Dock Warehouse is a grade II listed building and is the world's largest brick warehouse. It is adjacent to the Stanley Dock, in Liverpool, Standing 125 feet high, the building was, at the time of its construction in 1901, claimed to be the world's largest building in terms of area.The 14 storey building spans across 36 acres and its construction used 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel.

IMG_3653There’s the tall buildings . It’s also handy that we have NB Copper Dragon to follow.

IMG_3656Through Sid’s ditch.

IMG_3667We reached Princes lock which is right in front of The Liver Building with no problems and were told to enter and wait for the CRT staff to come and lock us down

IMG_3671We now have a few short tunnels to go through before reaching the final lock which will drop us down in to Canning Dock.

IMG_3675Passing the Three Graces (buildings) as we head in to Liverpool. The buildings are The Royal Liver Building , The Cunard Building and The Port of Liverpool Building.

IMG_3683Then under the Museum of Liverpool to Canning lock which is on the other side.

IMG_3710Nearly there as we head through Albert dock and then in to Salthouse Dock and then onto S8 which is our pontoon.

IMG_3715After a great trip in we chilled out on the pontoon with travelling companions Allan and Sandra. We had a bottle or three of red wine and some Prosseco for the ladies.

Now are Liverpool adventure begins . We have a done a bit of research and can’t see how we will fit everything in for the time we are spending here. Then I suppose if we really like it we could always come back again .

                                                                                                             Happy Days


  1. I loved this post, Gary and Carolyn.
    We recently met John and Ali from Triskaideka who told us that Liverpool was definitely worth going to. So your post helped confirm that.
    When we come back from Gloucester (to catch up with the pesky Ann and Keith - well he is pesky - we will probably head that way. How far ahead did you have to book, mate?

    1. We booked a few months ahead , but it was empty when we got here , mainly due to the Bridgewater closure . A popular place in high season so book asap .

  2. Ow boy you will love it
    Peter and Elaine
    Nb maple

  3. We recommend the Globe Inn, Cases St, right in the centre of town and completely unspoiled.

    nb Melissa

    1. Thanks for that Paul . So much choice and what a great place . I think we will be back .

  4. Hope you both enjoyed your stay in Liverpool,so glad the Luftwaffe did not manage to destroy all the buildings round the docks and river,they look fantastic in the sunshine.