Monday, 29 May 2017

Out and about in Liverpool



IMG_3726Out and about in Liverpool and there are bikes to hire just like The Boris bikes in London . If Carolyn thinks she is going to get me on one of those she can dream on.

IMG_3739After a walk along the Pier we decided to visit the Museum which we had passed under when we entered Liverpool .At Pier head there is the Liverpool Museum which shows all of the history of Liverpool . Above is a picture of Lion which is one of the oldest surviving railway locomotives in the World. Built by Todd Kitson and Laird of Leeds in 1938, it ran on the Liverpool and Manchester railway. It didn’t last long and was taken out of service in 1857. Lion was then sold to the Mersey docks where she became a stationary pumping engine . In 1927 Lion was rescued and restored and now takes pride of place in the museum.

IMG_3742The Museum of Liverpool, is the newest addition to the National Museums Liverpool group having opened in 2011 replacing the former Museum of Liverpool Life. National Museums Liverpool intention is for the new venue to tell the story of Liverpool and its people, and reflect the city’s global significance. The museum is housed in a new purpose-built building on the Mann Island site at the Pier Head.It cost £72 million to build and provides 8,000 square metres of exhibition space, housing more than 6,000 objects and best of all it’s free and well worth a visit.

IMG_3751This sculpture is called Wish you were here. It captures the cheeky spirit of the seaside in the 1950s , well that’ what it said.

IMG_3747The three Graces from a window on the top floor of Liverpool Museum.

IMG_3745Can someone please explain this machine to me . You put a pound coin in one slot and a one pence coin in the other . The machine takes your money and you then turn the handle . It then returns your one pence piece which it has flattened and keeps your pound… What the point ? . If I want to flatten my one pence coin I would hit with a bloody great hammer and be a pound better off……

IMG_3732The Isle of man ferry leaving the dock.

IMG_3728 So there are 5 Beatles . I never knew that they were so tall.

IMG_3759You just can’t get away from The Beatles and here is another picture of them made out of Jelly Beans.

IMG_3767You just have to have a Yellow submarine in Liverpool .

IMG_3770And a sinking Titanic . We are so loving this city , what an absolute delight . With so much to see and do I don’t think we will get a lot of chill time . Never mind there’s plenty of time for that later ..Carpe Diem !

                                                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. Penny - pound machine! They used to have one like that in the Empire State Building in New York. Fun for kids? Otherwise, just an amusing way for the museum to make a pound or two, amusing unless it's your pound?, Your second picture inside the museum is of a carriage from the overhead electric railway that ran in Liverpool until the mid 50's. Great pity it was dismantled as it's the sort of thing that would be really popular with visitors, running along the dockside. But that's progress for you!

  2. Hi Jack , many thanks for the explanation. I know what you mean about progress ! Loving Liverpool and don't think we will fit everything in . Still, good excuse to come back .