Monday, 22 May 2017

Botany Bay

IMG_3421We pulled ropes through rings from our moring at Riley Green at 07.10 and had a good 6 hour cruise in front of us with a total of 7 locks which are the Johnson’s Hillock flight. There’s still some great country scenery to be had as we head towards Wigan which is our destination today.

IMG_3469We have come across a few locks like this before where the gate paddles are so high Carolyn has problems working them . On some they provide a step to bring you up to a higher level, but not on this flight.

IMG_3471Again I need to be careful not to go back to far in the lock as this amount of water leaking through the gate would soon sink us.

IMG_3473At the bottom of the flight and how the other half live . They have their own outside bar and BBQ.

IMG_3476This building dominates the skyline as we head towards Chorley. It’s the Preston Temple of the Church of Latter Date Saints.

IMG_3479A short distance from the Church was this imposing building which is Botany Bay . Having read the guide book last night it told me that it was a large old Mill that had been converted in to a slightly surreal shopping complex . I had purposely not mentioned it to Carolyn as I knew she would want to stop. Just our luck that we saw a couple of walkers and Carolyn asked them what was in the building “Oh you must stop and go in it’s amazing” they said . Anyway 2 hours after going in Carolyn emerged with a big grin on her face and says it was very good . If ever you are passing it’s well worth a visit she said.

IMG_3488After an 8 hour cruise , well actually 6 hours when you take out Carolyn’s shopping trip we arrived at Wigan top lock . Then another first for us happened . 10 minutes after mooring there was a knock on the side of the boat , I went out to see a person in a hoodie actually sat on the side of Inca. He then asked me if I wanted to buy any Ganga after someone down the locks had told him a blue boat at the top wanted some ,not having a clue what he was on about and obviously looking a bit stupid to him he said you know weed/cannabis .He said he just had a fresh supply come in from Amsterdam and it was some good shit. By this time Carolyn had come out and said no thanks, talk about being open with it.
Tomorrow we have arranged to drop down the locks at 09.00 and to be honest we don’t know what to expect after hearing so many stories about this flight , what ever happens it’s sure to be an experience.

                                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. Damn, I had asked them to make sure you got some for me ...

    1. Hi Marilyn . If we see him on the way back we will get some for you .. How many Kilos do you want ?? Haha.

  2. Hi Team Inca...

    We 'did' Riley Green to Appley Bridge last year!!! (That pub was mid-refurb when we hired - 'Twas only open for a handful of weeks before burning down. Eeek!)

    I 'm sure you have your plans for mooring (and probably halfway there at time of writing) but, we really loved the Appley bridge area. A cracking pub for food backing onto the canal [just past swingbridge 43] and an interesting nearby explore of the now twice-defunct shallow locks adjacent to the working deep lock.

    We found Wigan flight to be fun despite the challenge - just one problem passing a widebeam where the lock didn't want the bottom gate to close once fully opened...

    We did it down one day - and up 2 days later... an interesting baptism for stepdaughters new partner (he was shocked - but willing and thankfully, able!)

    Regards, Martin