Sunday, 21 May 2017



IMG_3385We pulled pins from our mooring at Hapton at 07.55 and after a short cruise we came across these kids that were doing a school project and wanted a Selfie with any item from the canal . Needless to say we stopped mid stream and became that item .Only to pleased to help….

IMG_3389Today we will go through Blackburn which is another place we have been told not to stop in as it’s Bandit country . To be honest I’m getting a bit pissed off fed up with not being able to stop in certain towns. These towns must have such a lot to offer to passing boaters and how much would it take to make a few safe and secure moorings to allow boaters to stop, moor up and visit these towns .

IMG_3395As we pass between Burnley and Blackburn we are still experiencing some great views of the countryside.

IMG_3408At last we have made it to the half way point of the Leeds and Liverpool canal . Just another 64 miles to go .

IMG_3424As we start to head in to Blackburn we passed the massive Imperial Mill which was a major employer in the town . In 1910 there were 87,377 looms in the town of Blackburn which were operated by 42,000 textile workers with many of them being children as young as twelve.

IMG_3427Passing Graham Brown’s and that’s a good idea for an old telephone box .. or maybe not.

IMG_3430Now this is something that beggar's belief . All along the canal through Blackburn there are seats like this one . How lovely they look you might think , but no it’s not . As you can see the local Scroates have cut through the wire to get to the rocks which the seats are made of . According to a couple of locals we spoke to they then stone the passing boaters with the rocks provided . Not only that ,but they can sit in comfort as they do so ….UNBELIVABLE !!!

IMG_3438Passing through Blackburn and we had a flight of 6 locks to do . As you can see like many locks on the canal system they need a bit of TLC from Canal and River Trust and with this one needing some urgent attention to the cill

IMG_3441Probably the best part of Blackburn for boaters was as we got to the services at lock 56.

IMG_3442The bottom gates on lock 56 need to be wound open using this handle as they are so close to the road bridge that passes over the canal.

IMG_3446We then passed Ewood park the home of Blackburn Rovers. Yet again it’s just the same as Burnley ,there was not a single boat moored anywhere through Blackburn . Speaking to some friendly locals as we passed down the locks they said that Blackburn was a good place and they would welcome passing boaters . Come on Canal and River Trust maybe you should get together with Blackburn council and give boaters some safe and secure moorings in Blackburn.

IMG_3450Cruising through the outskirts of blackburn we passed this which is handy for us located at the bottom of someone’s garden next to the canal. We can make a phone call , buy stamps and post a letter .

IMG_3456After an enjoyable 8 hour cruise we reached  Riley Green where I said that I would treat Carolyn out to a slap up meal . But how was I to know that a couple of weeks before we got there the Pub had burnt down.

IMG_3458After passing the burnt out pub we moored at the visitor moorings on the other side of the bridge . As you can see the Visitor moorings leave a lot to be desired , but they will do us for tonight before we move on in the morning.

                                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Quite a bit of TLC required on this canal it would seem. A shame considering the history and the splendid countryside. Modern life eh!

  2. Hi Jack , I'm sure things will improve, especially when we get to the Wigan flight ! .

  3. Last time we were in Blackburn (40 years ago) we went to a real spit-and-sawdust pub - sawdust on the floor and a spittoon in the corner. The 5 boys were worried it wouldn't be safe for the 3 girls - but it was fine

    1. Hi Debby . I know what you mean . We have a pub back in Devon called the Cider bar which has sawdust on the flood , but I can't remember a spittoon. Next time I'm there I will mention installing one to the Landlord .